The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Cartridges Kingdom 771st 625th 466th 903rd
SMTR-EU 772nd 984th 2,557th 6,169th
Ecoway 773rd 809th 1,883rd 4,985th
imixcity 774th 958th 1,045th 2,257th
movie.exclue 775th 811th 801st 961st
B&B-Computer 776th 48,049th 41,604th 20,020th
MOBILE-EUROPE 776th 299th 245th 1,280th
The Friendly Swede [FR] 777th 501st 454th 1,627th
iUcar-FR 778th 1,094th 1,781st 4,829th
Mture 779th 869th 1,652nd 4,566th
TopBiz 780th 788th 559th 247th
JLGDiscount 781st 602nd 412th 144th
La Chineuse 782nd 795th 830th 712th
BM-Trading 783rd 823rd 1,850th 4,502nd
hhbbo 784th 833rd 1,443rd 4,122nd
For Release 785th 1,121st 1,565th 4,408th
Zacro-euro 786th 713th 1,272nd 3,903rd
⌚ Turcoe GmbH 787th 1,335th 1,407th 1,595th
RazorBladz 788th 1,109th 1,202nd 2,093rd
Caseink 789th 649th 589th 1,060th
Flammee 790th 924th 1,032nd 2,660th
WDK PARTNER 791st 1,146th 1,521st 2,052nd
Loprtec 792nd 776th 2,412th 5,915th
Loire2016 793rd 973rd 2,020th 5,256th
Maxoyj fr 794th 339th 114th 814th
Olympink 795th 538th 531st 1,187th
MATOUTILS 796th 426th 382nd 980th
LANGRIA FR 797th 876th 2,659th 6,353rd
Onlinestore-John 798th 1,183rd 796th 1,198th
Dealco 799th 1,088th 1,954th 406th
TEAM SOUTH WEST Ltd. 800th 585th 491st 1,108th
Simple Tek 801st 882nd 805th 2,302nd
BEST_VIDEO 802nd 755th 888th 615th
Adognicosto 803rd 635th 301st 542nd
StrassetPaillettes 804th 1,248th 1,773rd 4,077th
qingshwei 805th 925th 2,354th 5,794th
Bien le Bio 806th 686th 595th 1,458th
Parfumerie PP&C 807th 931st 1,397th 3,914th
Freebase_Sneakers 808th 39,834th 39,253rd 41,522nd
Labricotblanc 808th 1,616th 1,771st 2,931st
Golden Battery 809th 1,229th 1,263rd 418th
Leelbox-tech 810th 884th 2,332nd 5,755th
playingcardsfr 811th 915th 445th 1,161st
YEESUN EUROPE 812th 1,838th 5,305th 10,244th
bdfolie 813th 993rd 938th 528th
NinaQueen Charms 814th 1,536th 2,114th 4,152nd
DVD MALIN 815th 978th 1,261st 1,213th
WEBPARA 816th 595th 427th 1,395th
FRENCHPLUSHLAND 817th 1,118th 1,036th 726th
JC51 817th 34,881st 37,808th 40,406th
UK1STCHOICE-ZONE 818th 1,199th 2,301st 4,902nd
Lychee-EU 819th 1,868th 5,344th 10,288th
Brand 88 820th 1,034th 816th 1,142nd
KINGSFAITH 821st 1,169th 1,969th 4,499th
Productos Licenciados 822nd 848th 1,084th 1,197th
NMicro Technology FR 823rd 494th 189th 264th
Transer 824th 1,134th 3,123rd 7,103rd
JAPANSTORE 825th 1,017th 1,394th 4,088th
Bluedio 826th 1,215th 1,218th 1,342nd
I-Blason EU 827th 990th 720th 1,188th
mx.leuchten 828th 968th 947th 2,335th
Nakosite 829th 738th 788th 2,129th
LEVIN-FR 830th 643rd 609th 1,706th
Deconovo-Home 831st 680th 1,088th 3,315th
beautycoiffure 832nd 791st 650th 682nd
Importtoys_1 833rd 987th 2,679th 6,180th
20000 JEUX SOUS LES LIVRES 834th 943rd 1,946th 5,104th
Priyank Patidar 835th 40,629th 39,479th 41,696th
Musou Direct 835th 835th 1,810th 4,891st
plaisir_de_lire 836th 920th 860th 260th
HeJu Ltd 837th 1,795th 5,123rd 9,965th
webstoresrl 838th 1,060th 1,840th 3,337th
EOTW 839th 1,003rd 1,329th 3,942nd
MARY JANE 840th 1,006th 1,078th 2,957th
solutions-imprimerie 841st 541st 461st 1,875th
Howard International [ Livraison du Japon. Il est impossible de fournir avant Noël !! ] 842nd 1,175th 677th 1,989th
Urcover 843rd 510th 1,764th 4,649th
Cravog 844th 1,243rd 1,344th 3,165th
ffabrello 844th 43,922nd 32,262nd 14,294th
DWD-Company France 845th 770th 1,235th 3,758th
VEEVAN 846th 963rd 1,117th 3,621st
aweiss75 847th 587th 515th 484th
Ever Faith 848th 995th 1,019th 2,790th
Ressources Naturelles 849th 886th 1,060th 2,243rd
AlierKin Uk 850th 733rd 1,522nd 4,307th
ForPower(aLLreli TM) 851st 694th 482nd 939th
THE BIG OUTLET COMPANY 852nd 1,513th 1,891st 3,442nd
Ubegood-Store 853rd 851st 2,857th 6,686th
Ossa Fashion Ltd 854th 1,113th 1,259th 2,654th
BlitzWolf Direct 855th 579th 1,309th 3,972nd
Easykado 856th 1,102nd 1,410th 380th
Goods Online 24/7 857th 997th 689th 962nd
Destockage Games 858th 767th 664th 322nd
sunrive 859th 1,234th 1,964th 5,106th
baleba 860th 842nd 868th 3,110th
Prêt à Pousser 861st 1,938th 4,125th 6,520th
1art1-fr 862nd 1,130th 1,065th 396th
DANGDAEU 863rd 810th 748th 1,805th
BZLine 864th 1,805th 5,236th 10,133rd
Hot Shot Records 865th 1,152nd 1,115th 159th

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