The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
MARENJA 675th 1,327th 1,214th 1,085th
LOPOO UK 676th 511th 1,285th 3,926th
Mon Magasin General 677th 414th 296th 737th
ECO-FUSED UK 678th 682nd 630th 2,101st
LOGEEKDESIGN 679th 1,402nd 2,202nd 1,344th
BestDeal-FR 680th 622nd 448th 754th
vigier-web 681st 582nd 579th 1,469th
ak trade 682nd 720th 1,174th 2,846th
KADOLOISIRS 683rd 824th 1,025th 1,971st
Niceegirl 684th 673rd 2,003rd 5,216th
Dokpav 685th 568th 267th 929th
Jerrybox FR 686th 521st 874th 3,123rd
JECO-DISTRIBUTION 687th 683rd 532nd 597th
Daffodil FR 688th 918th 3,208th 7,132nd
JAMMYLIZARD France 689th 653rd 429th 358th
inShang 690th 844th 623rd 1,513th
EuroElectronics FR 691st 689th 644th 1,576th
Amberta 692nd 1,056th 1,572nd 3,711th
profimaterial europe 693rd 629th 1,081st 1,664th
degrifflivres 694th 746th 660th 154th
EU Xcellent Global 695th 490th 391st 1,078th
ABYSSE CORP FRANCE 696th 1,024th 1,801st 2,675th
aodoor 697th 899th 1,467th 3,963rd
luwu-store 698th 1,050th 3,305th 7,361st
countryhouselibrary 699th 608th 2,233rd 5,595th
videophil95 700th 659th 487th 125th
POOPHUNS OFFICIAL 701st 719th 2,565th 6,195th
AAA Toys 702nd 897th 1,262nd 2,032nd
Longra 703rd 1,304th 4,154th 8,613th
Allday Officesupplies FR 704th 525th 330th 102nd
Military1st 705th 657th 544th 1,191st
smartvisionfr 706th 444th 385th 1,887th
Routers Wholesale UK 707th 37,419th 38,565th 40,991st
MMRMSZ 707th 986th 1,421st 3,824th
LA LIBRAIRIE DE RENNES 708th 873rd 1,167th 397th
Id'Kdo 709th 1,061st 1,682nd 2,725th
GL ONLINE S.R.L. 710th 1,001st 1,253rd 3,858th
DossDirect 711th 985th 2,198th 5,552nd
eBoot 712th 644th 825th 2,698th
Funkingdom 713th 840th 670th 1,182nd
-inetvideo-ca 714th 1,144th 1,359th 108th
Qiyun Store 715th 641st 424th 886th
ThinkCreator 716th 1,004th 2,497th 6,057th
German-Trendseller 717th 962nd 1,705th 3,020th
EnyaJewellery 718th 1,136th 1,191st 2,997th
kizbi fr 719th 364th 163rd 738th
MOLIE™ 720th 853rd 710th 2,455th
Akachafactory 721st 493rd 437th 1,472nd
Girlz Walk 722nd 966th 1,825th 4,228th
DékorWNN 723rd 837th 1,968th 4,961st
YESTECH 724th 651st 1,458th 4,157th
Cozy Hut uk 725th 1,066th 2,687th 6,358th
Zhongtuo Brightly 726th 322nd 339th 1,759th
TENDANCES & MAROQUINERIE 727th 905th 1,093rd 1,115th
cherrypickelectronics 728th 715th 963rd 1,820th
MPL AQUITAINE 729th 1,274th 2,123rd 3,575th
Isuda 730th 616th 422nd 1,743rd
pms 731st 829th 1,220th 1,701st
AndyGreenStore 732nd 53,221st 37,479th 40,119th
Sandview 732nd 1,896th 5,401st 10,372nd
cavernedesjouets 733rd 1,129th 1,975th 1,120th
JP NINOMA*Expédié depuis le Japon [LA LIVRAISON AVANT LE NOËL N'EST PAS POSSIBLE] Standard 3sem.Accéléré 10jours 734th 1,564th 3,366th 7,457th
Vicloon 735th 843rd 1,153rd 2,637th
FYY FR Tech 736th 787th 526th 1,629th
TopteckFR 737th 1,045th 1,090th 3,313th
PROZOR 738th 485th 839th 2,979th
Barto Retail 739th 1,339th 972nd 2,727th
Netshop-HH-de 739th 53,298th 43,188th 17,144th
GlobaLink 740th 772nd 2,102nd 5,397th
CASPERIA MOBILE France - Distributeur officiel MUZZANO® pour la France - Expédié sous 24 Heures depuis la France. 741st 373rd 328th 235th
THEcoque 742nd 1,361st 1,326th 1,219th
Coquediscount 743rd 750th 611th 791st
@FoliX GmbH 744th 732nd 554th 378th
Affaires-Plus 745th 1,163rd 587th 800th
Vikoo 746th 804th 808th 2,922nd
Eboristeria sanitaria le gemme 746th 47,116th 32,730th 36,305th
dominiquecolau 747th 724th 477th 103rd
Cadeaux Pour Les Enfants 748th 952nd 1,230th 1,194th
Le Premium 749th 1,165th 1,980th 1,720th
Bling Jewelry 750th 702nd 509th 1,262nd
LoveSeven F 751st 679th 1,161st 1,777th
Novete 752nd 777th 2,678th 6,411th
Aglaia Direct 753rd 505th 750th 1,626th
Prodye 754th 628th 530th 532nd
Lusee 755th 763rd 612th 1,463rd
Equilibre et Aventure 756th 999th 1,102nd 626th
The Pi Hut 757th 744th 1,184th 1,226th
PiercingJ 758th 913th 1,291st 3,912th
ruedesprix 759th 898th 591st 1,419th
LAXTE 760th 1,570th 4,662nd 9,317th
Smart Shop Online 761st 1,351st 2,381st 3,380th
odyssees-numeriques 762nd 972nd 785th 243rd
vdalban 763rd 893rd 854th 510th
StilGut 764th 658th 415th 430th
SUNNOW® 765th 1,445th 716th 910th
Leomark 766th 819th 1,500th 2,548th
Leknes-FR 767th 1,365th 1,056th 3,129th
Collectors Kingdom_1 768th 1,216th 2,508th 3,953rd
ETpower 769th 692nd 447th 1,261st
Librairie Le Lieu Bleu - Paris 770th 729th 732nd 1,157th

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