The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
leninco 577th 652nd 574th 698th
BRIC A BREIZH 578th 656th 1,236th 2,294th
Andoer Official 579th 596th 1,354th 4,043rd
ENVIE DE LIVRES 580th 457th 372nd 1,003rd
monteslivres 581st 590th 361st 258th
xijidianzi 582nd 648th 1,638th 4,535th
ma papeterie 583rd 621st 608th 441st
dcmall 584th 530th 665th 2,252nd
BLUETIK 585th 503rd 366th 89th
BlueBeach 586th 496th 398th 1,444th
Firstfun 587th 741st 1,746th 4,771st
ImperialStore2012 588th 655th 638th 725th
GrandEver 589th 552nd 849th 3,010th
About-Tea & About-Coffee Shop Preise inkl. MwSt. 590th 740th 730th 303rd
Bonisell 591st 950th 1,471st 1,727th
Questway 592nd 462nd 770th 2,602nd
-- eGames -- 593rd 286th 211th 76th
Ricoo Media Technology (Ricoo-Medientechnik) Prix TVA incluse. 594th 517th 365th 872nd
Video screen 595th 758th 905th 1,056th
DJT Fashion 596th 576th 661st 807th
Promobo 597th 513th 528th 557th
HCIA2014 598th 540th 342nd 353rd
WEG STORE JAPAN [Expédition en provenance du Japon] 599th 1,228th 965th 2,488th
Naipo Care 600th 1,202nd 3,446th 7,598th
ECOSUSI INC 601st 939th 910th 2,276th
DEHANGEU 602nd 706th 819th 1,918th
Yoursfs 603rd 604th 1,205th 3,467th
Evcirle 604th 415th 582nd 2,397th
Eliware 605th 796th 781st 648th
the-home-fusion-company 606th 687th 756th 1,136th
Balloon Shop 607th 734th 1,298th 960th
engivewayde 608th 502nd 558th 1,240th
i-Smalls Ltd 609th 904th 1,323rd 2,144th
japanese samurai sell 610th 1,033rd 1,181st 2,233rd
Neuert's 611th 892nd 1,288th 2,673rd
FabulousBOUTIK 612th 1,038th 1,206th 1,611th
Ed's Party Pieces 613th 557th 536th 871st
aspassoconrita 613th 51,340th 37,124th 39,823rd
Sorze 614th 506th 451st 330th
O YOR 615th 452nd 549th 2,321st
Xtra-Funky Ltd (VAT Registered) 616th 637th 414th 729th
itenga GmbH 617th 474th 704th 2,722nd
li_online 618th 394th 593rd 2,446th
ALED LIGHT France 619th 731st 1,028th 2,389th
HUION 620th 852nd 956th 2,051st
TOY SHOP JAPAN HOBBYONE. 621st 797th 1,457th 2,712th
Les Délices 622nd 775th 581st 1,547th
reine à la mode 623rd 766th 289th 710th
Anear 624th 558th 1,026th 2,974th
HolanDirect 625th 971st 3,182nd 7,177th
beshinning 626th 855th 2,929th 6,800th
Hossen 627th 589th 371st 609th
Godday 628th 520th 766th 2,697th
My Swift 629th 806th 2,069th 4,635th
ZhangMingFR 630th 822nd 1,398th 4,116th
Vente flash 631st 473rd 455th 1,155th
rongwen 632nd 688th 1,673rd 4,600th
livrokaz 633rd 425th 288th 81st
Mobile24 634th 435th 281st 417th
DVDEVORE 635th 761st 821st 848th
rafanny 636th 572nd 567th 734th
Ipow-Official 637th 671st 377th 1,159th
It's All Fun & Games 638th 889th 2,157th 4,785th
LePlaisirdOffrir 639th 670th 721st 654th
Hakkain 640th 665th 900th 3,072nd
buycheapDG 641st 675th 1,957th 5,085th
Deal FR 642nd 499th 303rd 420th
trendor 643rd 1,303rd 2,444th 1,504th
SUMERSHA FR 644th 458th 578th 2,118th
total digital stores 645th 570th 423rd 142nd
BREIZH DISCOUNT 646th 422nd 354th 891st
AC Center 647th 739th 2,144th 5,331st
PARIELLA 648th 818th 1,902nd 3,277th
Toybroker-FR 649th 697th 883rd 336th
brl5 650th 606th 507th 56th
Top Fashion18 651st 863rd 668th 1,064th
Tocadis 652nd 828th 647th 1,555th
CASPAR Fashion 653rd 814th 652nd 1,247th
la-chaumiere/melomania 654th 547th 493rd 133rd
MAXFE.CO 655th 981st 1,332nd 3,436th
Pasonomi 656th 721st 1,001st 3,252nd
Brit Books FR 657th 417th 229th 251st
123 plantes 658th 396th 492nd 1,393rd
Deutschlandgadget 659th 548th 1,412th 4,133rd
docsmagic 660th 764th 1,388th 2,839th
RESON 661st 578th 1,050th 3,411th
QING SUN 662nd 1,043rd 1,703rd 4,181st
Successful Singing 663rd 41,645th 31,942nd 28,469th
PHONE18 663rd 857th 1,634th 3,888th
Aeiolw 664th 735th 2,165th 5,489th
The Gift Oasis LTD. 665th 759th 1,669th 2,380th
xinanxinshidai 666th 916th 2,738th 6,527th
Ukayfe 667th 615th 494th 2,067th
SOWTECH 668th 432nd 760th 2,701st
HANGSUN-FR 669th 841st 1,201st 3,632nd
Groupe Dragon 670th 684th 600th 1,327th
Lakermit 671st 1,075th 2,403rd 5,517th
Homescapes 672nd 710th 873rd 459th
D&&R 673rd 998th 2,280th 5,634th
Laifu-Store 674th 1,011th 3,299th 7,354th

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