The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
AAWATA59 484th 423rd 251st 233rd
Easybuymall-2015 485th 624th 584th 1,889th
ReliBeauty FR 486th 846th 1,711th 2,666th
wonderbook_fr 487th 405th 324th 136th
*** B&F Mobiles *** 488th 605th 749th 1,080th
BEEPICK_STORE 489th 593rd 548th 1,872nd
cottonprime 490th 371st 325th 705th
Awitstar 491st 544th 1,609th 4,490th
Fun Collectables 492nd 698th 2,745th 4,684th
Tooken 493rd 747th 1,889th 4,974th
Made in bébé 494th 661st 478th 224th
Afunta France 495th 627th 986th 1,517th
Shifang 496th 550th 789th 2,791st
Andy's Share 497th 685th 906th 3,073rd
HEROES13006 498th 669th 698th 2,392nd
WOLTU GmbH 499th 404th 714th 2,771st
SoDiscountPaca 499th 34,104th 42,863rd 44,271st
cestalire 500th 455th 425th 295th
iHarbort 501st 475th 463rd 1,116th
A & B GmbH 502nd 400th 786th 2,912th
Beauty-discount 503rd 518th 344th 471st
A MA ZON 504th 696th 564th 117th
BDVDIMPACT 505th 440th 512th 890th
ts-ideen GmbH 506th 633rd 861st 1,386th
AMPM24 507th 553rd 386th 669th
CEKA-TECH 508th 667th 1,868th 4,959th
visiodirect- 509th 318th 286th 414th
DISAGU protectionfilms 510th 453rd 389th 198th
BQEELDirect FR 511th 504th 959th 3,311th
MegaCrea 512th 438th 355th 700th
ElecBank 513th 942nd 2,906th 6,657th
Le Berger 514th 754th 1,439th 3,090th
NOUS C LE PRIX 515th 534th 418th 60th
Btopllc 516th 751st 1,447th 3,521st
GAME STORY 517th 632nd 472nd 190th
Lilolivres 518th 451st 351st 177th
GreenTomatoMedia 519th 495th 859th 3,081st
SonoVente 520th 695th 692nd 568th
DDU FR 521st 707th 712th 1,709th
Beckers shop 521st 52,830th 43,052nd 40,056th
cyberlutin 522nd 554th 625th 940th
games.empire 523rd 533rd 912th 317th
Allée Centrale Bourgueil 524th 357th 444th 1,721st
Showpeen 525th 536th 779th 2,900th
Touslescadeaux 526th 812th 1,071st 284th
YIXIN SHOP 527th 491st 1,371st 4,062nd
Second Glance Beauty 528th 468th 1,360th 2,772nd
Mavis's Diary 529th 531st 743rd 1,352nd
GoSparkling 530th 789th 1,677th 3,482nd
BRUBAKER (Der Schnellversender!) 531st 820th 2,456th 5,971st
Robinson Store 532nd 792nd 2,467th 2,537th
OuebStore 533rd 500th 1,176th 3,729th
Otek 533rd 52,998th 43,101st 44,453rd
Colour Direct 534th 361st 220th 454th
ExxoTech 534th 46,977th 28,140th 32,440th
TOMMY's STORE 535th 584th 645th 1,054th
Eyekepper-FR 536th 561st 428th 1,478th
Bowin 537th 509th 381st 427th
Track_Star 1988 538th 1,120th 1,774th 2,312th
Smartbox Group 539th 901st 1,730th 946th
Nasork 540th 479th 566th 2,322nd
jewelrypalace 541st 705th 1,929th 5,090th
Voguecase 542nd 562nd 233rd 344th
Vandot-TNT Post (9-25 expédition jour) 543rd 793rd 457th 1,368th
DEPOTMANIA 544th 601st 797th 462nd
Han Lucky Stars 545th 577th 708th 2,749th
Danto_GmbH 546th 555th 552nd 1,377th
FASHIONVICTIME BIJOUX 547th 620th 1,054th 3,331st
Galeja Family-Shopping 547th 49,204th 36,735th 39,512th
Findmeagift_1 548th 878th 1,987th 3,499th
SOS Accessoire 549th 341st 306th 399th
depotbd 550th 895th 1,015th 98th
PARAISO Japan eu 551st 870th 1,628th 3,859th
Qroiip 552nd 583rd 777th 2,847th
C.Hunter Music 553rd 49,282nd 36,751st 31,171st
Aptoyu-FR 553rd 712th 1,864th 2,873rd
nowkin mall 554th 454th 1,066th 2,388th
discountici 555th 467th 384th 248th
Yogogo 556th 756th 2,076th 5,351st
Headphone Centre Ltd 557th 831st 850th 2,332nd
CoJoie 558th 442nd 818th 2,980th
UTIMI 559th 610th 469th 2,046th
1stvideo-fr 560th 1,044th 1,198th 370th
Hallo&World 561st 703rd 2,546th 6,147th
Idstock 562nd 483rd 400th 516th
Temtop 563rd 566th 313th 995th
Pousrew 564th 317th 884th 3,149th
Explorimport 565th 523rd 500th 195th
AnybookLtd 566th 431st 410th 363rd
NALATI 567th 949th 1,798th 4,856th
TTS Diffusion 568th 563rd 436th 1,043rd
CKB_LTD 569th 908th 1,022nd 1,171st
GONO 570th 614th 827th 2,906th
discountjewels 570th 44,068th 24,892nd 29,646th
Media France 571st 348th 1,068th 3,543rd
Multimedia Services 572nd 723rd 913th 523rd
MYLITTLEBIGSTORE 573rd 728th 753rd 2,163rd
Joli Beauty 574th 780th 1,318th 2,576th
TonorDirect 575th 594th 476th 1,794th
Toys 2000 576th 487th 488th 387th

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