The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
FASH Limited 127,797th 40,096th 19,915th 4,720th
chaussetteclub 127,799th 40,097th 30,680th 23,467th
Toloka 127,811th 127,844th 38,417th 44,699th
Abyone Direct 127,814th 127,847th 44,322nd 50,181st
Efken-Onlinehandel 127,820th 127,853rd 31,400th 38,281st
dominoz 127,831st 18,452nd 13,148th 7,880th
Babylonplace78 127,837th 127,867th 44,324th 50,184th
aukler 127,839th 127,869th 25,766th 32,867th
COM2us Inh. Sabine Schulz 127,851st 18,855th 18,841st 23,293rd
der-fussballprofi 127,861st 127,890th 38,419th 40,882nd
GLOMATSU 127,862nd 127,891st 30,681st 15,983rd
AutoStore247 127,872nd 40,104th 34,235th 40,883rd
Youkaitao 127,876th 29,744th 25,767th 32,868th
catoun 127,882nd 127,909th 38,420th 9,964th
From japan store 127,888th 17,204th 29,135th 36,192nd
iZideals FRance 127,890th 29,745th 7,534th 2,898th
X-Skating 127,897th 127,922nd 44,325th 41,028th
marie-thérèse 127,898th 127,923rd 34,237th 19,783rd
Bügel-Clou-Shop 127,899th 127,924th 44,326th 28,349th
elSira 127,900th 127,925th 30,682nd 30,291st
Rue B of York England 127,905th 127,930th 27,293rd 30,679th
Wisdom Media 127,910th 127,935th 44,328th 31,525th
Figurines mania 127,912th 40,108th 30,683rd 34,391st
LyoVpc 127,922nd 127,945th 27,294th 12,745th
Johannes Lefeld GmbH & Co. KG Preise incl. MwSt 127,923rd 40,110th 11,986th 7,793rd
Girly HandBags 127,924th 24,627th 14,993rd 5,100th
Patapum Italia 127,927th 24,628th 34,238th 38,095th
F C SUPPLIES LTD 127,930th 127,950th 22,755th 28,559th
David33680 127,932nd 127,952nd 12,478th 19,052nd
gnum2thc 127,936th 127,956th 38,422nd 17,351st
PISPO Ltd 127,940th 40,111th 34,239th 24,954th
Eurodistrib 127,944th 15,842nd 9,574th 5,412th
La Petite Puce 127,949th 127,967th 19,869th 26,979th
Big Guys World 127,955th 25,492nd 19,247th 26,309th
Fashion_Studio 127,959th 127,976th 44,329th 8,596th
ViaGenius 127,963rd 127,980th 20,775th 20,246th
Limon001 127,964th 127,981st 44,330th 36,196th
GtronicsdotNET 127,966th 127,983rd 44,331st 44,704th
Abc joe 127,975th 127,992nd 44,332nd 50,188th
EveryHead 127,984th 128,000th 38,424th 44,707th
Overtek Ltd 127,986th 128,001st 44,333rd 34,392nd
The Priory Menswear 127,987th 40,115th 21,206th 12,912th
skytower 127,988th 18,454th 10,252nd 11,419th
kuhlibri-werbestudio 127,989th 128,002nd 34,240th 40,886th
COSY HOMES 127,990th 29,748th 26,213th 33,350th
Tuning-X 127,991st 40,116th 38,425th 44,709th
Big Bears Toy Box 127,992nd 15,844th 18,454th 14,603rd
WellMadeFairTrade 127,995th 18,857th 21,492nd 28,350th
Solo Stove International 127,996th 128,005th 27,295th 15,622nd
MBD Matratzen® GmbH 128,001st 128,010th 38,427th 37,601st
Bosi Tools UK Ltd 128,002nd 128,011th 25,768th 31,527th
BASKETPRIVEE 128,003rd 24,632nd 11,790th 7,886th
Japan Bazaar 128,004th 40,117th 8,905th 4,648th
The 2 Hs 128,005th 128,012th 38,428th 20,983rd
ART'N MAGIC 128,008th 128,015th 44,335th 11,004th
Boxer Gifts 128,009th 21,271st 18,030th 16,188th
costacarmen 128,012th 15,845th 12,988th 14,054th
saanjhi_uk_ltd 128,018th 128,023rd 26,214th 13,750th
CAPSIAMOIS 128,019th 40,119th 27,296th 18,122nd
Musique et mode 128,029th 29,752nd 23,233rd 7,568th
Déguiz fêtes 128,031st 128,034th 27,909th 14,032nd
Get The Look 128,034th 40,120th 30,687th 38,096th
Crouzet 128,039th 128,041st 44,336th 50,190th
Zooblitz e.U. 128,042nd 128,044th 14,994th 8,765th
Top-Tech-Outlet 128,044th 128,046th 20,575th 8,018th
SOLENDRO 128,049th 128,051st 44,337th 8,119th
CALZAME 128,053rd 40,124th 38,431st 25,684th

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