The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Sansoucis 127,380th 40,047th 22,308th 23,961st
Stonesheep-Shop 127,392nd 127,488th 34,217th 25,683rd
SectorOne 127,396th 21,253rd 21,417th 14,116th
Gib gas 127,398th 127,493rd 20,495th 27,614th
C-pascher 127,403rd 127,498th 38,400th 28,774th
Mwycke 127,406th 127,501st 44,301st 38,090th
Santwo 127,409th 127,504th 39,564th 45,803rd
primevere76 127,417th 127,512th 44,302nd 19,093rd
YHUISENEU 127,418th 24,614th 30,675th 37,596th
Boutikexpress 127,422nd 24,615th 13,942nd 9,594th
Creston 127,427th 12,447th 8,345th 7,042nd
JKKIndaistore 127,429th 127,520th 39,565th 38,561st
GEOPHOTO GmbH 127,434th 127,525th 38,403rd 4,258th
SprankDirect 127,437th 7,864th 10,526th 16,343rd
Secret Sexy Shop 127,446th 40,054th 34,220th 11,573rd
staubsaugerservice 127,456th 127,545th 34,355th 41,027th
trustsaleuk 127,468th 24,617th 38,406th 44,687th
HALOSALUS 127,472nd 127,559th 34,221st 38,092nd
Babylandia 127,474th 127,561st 38,407th 44,688th
300 Trading 127,477th 40,057th 39,566th 45,804th
KLK Boutique 127,480th 127,566th 30,676th 37,597th
UK Superstores 127,481st 127,567th 24,455th 30,287th
EUROPE & NATURE 127,482nd 24,618th 38,408th 44,689th
Ossian Fasteners S.L. 127,490th 40,058th 44,304th 50,166th
Liminaires Lighting 127,495th 25,486th 26,394th 20,910th
Century Soft 127,497th 21,255th 14,991st 1,363rd
iBigboy 127,498th 21,256th 34,223rd 40,872nd
Green2Rabbit 127,501st 24,619th 31,398th 38,279th
ljjoy 127,513th 29,731st 38,409th 44,690th
Sparmeile 127,515th 24,620th 21,418th 28,557th
KennzeichenKaufen 127,520th 127,598th 38,410th 44,691st
Freeride Attitude 127,521st 127,599th 34,224th 20,206th
BEEWEB 127,529th 127,607th 39,567th 32,865th
LIBRAIRIE CYRUS 127,533rd 11,054th 1,880th 367th
Service Premium 127,537th 15,006th 16,182nd 13,393rd
MYSTERY MERIDIAN LDA 127,541st 21,258th 16,016th 22,712th
UKGameSource 127,546th 127,621st 44,306th 25,295th
Bio8 Ltd 127,547th 127,622nd 38,411th 44,692nd
SWD 127,549th 127,624th 34,225th 20,245th
Hair Illusion LLC 127,556th 127,630th 39,568th 40,873rd
TRIPLEX 127,560th 127,634th 11,452nd 17,976th
psycowmoo 127,562nd 29,732nd 34,226th 10,739th
Satphone-Co 127,566th 127,639th 44,307th 44,693rd
Kazza Tech 127,569th 127,642nd 20,196th 14,269th
buy&here 127,570th 19,014th 29,151st 36,210th
Ting Tang UK 127,572nd 127,644th 6,163rd 11,367th
Discount Center Saar 127,574th 127,646th 44,308th 44,694th
robert_reynolds6 127,580th 127,652nd 21,419th 28,558th
Bibbles 127,582nd 40,064th 34,228th 40,875th
Hartnoll Guitars Ltd 127,587th 40,065th 29,134th 36,186th
VEVER1 127,588th 127,658th 39,569th 45,805th
l'amour le plaisir et sexy 127,591st 127,660th 34,229th 36,187th
MaryCom FR 127,602nd 127,669th 13,459th 3,340th
forfrbetter 127,605th 29,734th 3,540th 5,453rd
DreamWedding-UK 127,609th 127,675th 44,309th 36,188th
Distribution service 26 127,610th 127,676th 11,330th 14,241st
oscar12490 127,614th 18,451st 2,376th 825th
3STEAM 127,616th 127,681st 16,188th 20,207th
OVIVO Wellness 127,625th 40,070th 6,666th 9,905th
COWICO 127,637th 127,701st 34,230th 40,876th
Cosmetic Bien Etre 127,639th 17,293rd 19,405th 25,189th
Just Cool 127,643rd 127,706th 26,211th 7,702nd
Andeson Grinku 127,645th 29,736th 44,310th 50,170th
dynamite greg 127,650th 127,712th 30,677th 24,126th
dbluecom33 127,667th 40,073rd 34,231st 6,526th
Volkmann & Jacobsen GmbH 127,670th 127,730th 44,311th 40,879th
Meduriz UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 127,673rd 11,469th 11,926th 12,079th
Etudes & Vie 127,678th 29,737th 16,183rd 10,860th
Deeha Traders 127,679th 127,737th 6,705th 5,824th
GUINITZ 127,685th 127,743rd 44,312th 34,387th
Trendsale24 „Preise inkl. MwSt.“ 127,686th 40,075th 26,212th 13,295th
patoche137 127,688th 127,745th 44,313th 3,076th
musica-viva 127,689th 29,738th 34,233rd 40,880th
Daily Time Limited (Expédié depuis France) 127,695th 127,751st 19,868th 26,978th
texanknivesuk 127,704th 40,078th 34,234th 40,881st
HAIR ITALY 127,705th 127,760th 30,678th 14,188th
T.IM.EX. S.R.L. 127,706th 25,489th 39,570th 45,806th
lunaa1 127,707th 40,079th 20,774th 27,922nd
SERVICIOS FOTOGRÁFICOS BN 127,709th 127,762nd 44,314th 50,173rd
JAPA-EUR-PRO 127,711th 127,764th 39,571st 45,807th
mell-man 127,716th 40,081st 44,316th 30,288th
SAXER Sarl 127,723rd 127,773rd 44,317th 50,175th
Shymay Apparel 127,724th 40,084th 44,318th 50,176th
Deals 123 127,727th 40,086th 27,290th 34,388th
DON HIERRO-DHO 127,729th 40,087th 27,291st 34,389th
Rough Enough 127,732nd 127,777th 38,413th 44,697th
Olymstore EU 127,737th 17,203rd 19,151st 26,196th
Yocabè - Moda 127,738th 127,782nd 27,434th 28,777th
KID MEDICAL 127,739th 40,089th 38,414th 26,806th
RoachtownSupplies 127,752nd 40,091st 44,319th 50,177th
Eurotime 127,753rd 40,093rd 39,572nd 36,189th
B.YOUNG 127,755th 127,795th 44,320th 50,178th
Digicorp 127,758th 127,798th 2,643rd 1,690th
IT RECYCLE 127,760th 127,800th 20,197th 23,466th
Royal Lifetree 127,771st 24,621st 30,679th 36,191st
TYRNMAN ELECTRONICS 127,775th 127,813th 31,675th 36,345th
BACM Records 127,780th 40,095th 21,205th 22,047th
Fitness & Wellbeing 127,787th 127,824th 44,321st 50,180th
PHARMA-ZONE 127,794th 127,831st 16,017th 12,691st
Pretaplonger 127,796th 127,833rd 25,765th 8,653rd

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