The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
SoBuy-Shop 388th 328th 307th 404th
GAINWELL UK 389th 446th 1,461st 4,208th
GartenTraumDüfte 390th 36,380th 24,385th 20,158th
Culater® 390th 539th 1,059th 1,589th
Un Parfum Pour Vous 391st 355th 508th 1,306th
Lights4fun-France 392nd 424th 527th 482nd
FAST_SRLS 393rd 338th 844th 3,056th
Grindstore Ltd 394th 542nd 765th 1,339th
CostBreaker 395th 199th 637th 805th
nuunutrition 396th 390th 669th 2,413th
LADY COLOUR DIRECT 397th 471st 1,691st 4,640th
JIAXIUFEN 398th 409th 195th 678th
Freetoo 399th 352nd 794th 2,927th
Andrew James 400th 403rd 329th 728th
Spirit Sun 401st 476th 709th 2,736th
DOMO EXPRESS 402nd 190th 176th 461st
Phonillico 403rd 266th 317th 1,592nd
Yuema 404th 310th 343rd 1,741st
Ouneed 405th 600th 1,424th 4,163rd
VpcBoost 406th 392nd 383rd 806th
Oyoo-fr 407th 567th 597th 275th
UKSilvercell 408th 427th 897th 3,192nd
GNWE 409th 397th 331st 1,560th
EASYSMX 410th 391st 502nd 2,005th
oyedens 411th 663rd 1,244th 3,845th
sanzoom 412th 375th 628th 2,353rd
TheBlingZ. 413th 262nd 262nd 595th
Sock Snob Ltd 414th 421st 882nd 1,489th
Danibos 415th 309th 137th 896th
generationcine 416th 420th 416th 1,552nd
mhfrance 417th 326th 294th 496th
SPARES-2-GO 418th 419th 499th 1,229th
KeenstoneEU 419th 478th 1,621st 4,486th
Idealships 420th 486th 1,322nd 3,987th 421st 472nd 576th 753rd
Base 422nd 363rd 408th 41st
DEUBA-FR 423rd 428th 928th 3,257th
FUDISI Tech 424th 413th 1,404th 4,124th
MaisonMaligne® 425th 384th 503rd 1,220th
ALL4411 426th 346th 327th 280th
Forefront Cases 427th 609th 541st 464th
DURONIC 428th 344th 284th 685th
TecTecTec 429th 546th 814th 1,948th
livreautresor75 430th 448th 417th 160th
ZookkiDirect-FR 431st 497th 473rd 1,539th
ABRAKADO.NATH 432nd 559th 542nd 501st
Trois-Couleur 433rd 378th 57th 182nd
OCO STORE 433rd 22,465th 36,194th 39,075th
Livingstone-EU 434th 489th 1,021st 3,447th
Handkraft 435th 1,519th 4,489th 9,094th
CKEYIN 436th 430th 319th 971st
valentinevilleroy 437th 38,444th 34,604th 15,334th
HOBLANK24 Handelsgesellschaft mbH 437th 519th 305th 856th
7dayshop Limited 438th 333rd 167th 636th
Ringke Official FR Store 439th 265th 156th 249th
dvtecheu 440th 465th 1,405th 4,126th
THEPHONECASE 440th 50,718th 42,419th 43,920th
FeiTong 441st 515th 713th 2,763rd
Nail Beauty Shop 442nd 768th 673rd 1,928th
PLASTIMEA 443rd 291st 260th 914th
amlaiworld 444th 623rd 1,006th 3,426th
Cocooncenter 445th 362nd 280th 338th
lihongweiye 446th 934th 1,531st 4,326th
BeneStellar Inc 447th 650th 1,867th 4,958th
Ularma 448th 779th 1,163rd 3,701st
Ludocortex 449th 980th 1,178th 300th
Mosiso FR 450th 447th 514th 1,764th
dvd05 (dvd jeuxvidéos ...) Expedié le jour de la commande. 451st 248th 222nd 357th
DUCO Network Technology Co. Ltd. 452nd 445th 752nd 2,851st
Lesoleil Stores 453rd 441st 719th 2,685th
Blue Banana Alternative Fashion 454th 370th 312th 833rd
PreisCompany 455th 294th 193rd 175th
Englishpostbox 456th 366th 392nd 955th
ChannelExpert 457th 526th 277th 339th
JewelryWe Bijoux 458th 639th 431st 1,072nd
TVserieshop 459th 437th 560th 1,426th
SPARIN 460th 498th 1,307th 3,966th
Tucch 461st 603rd 656th 2,134th
elenxs 462nd 543rd 1,199th 3,571st
habi_accessories 463rd 654th 1,415th 4,140th
Teppichmax 464th 717th 1,637th 4,532nd
Ayliss shop 465th 461st 767th 2,871st
First4Spares 466th 242nd 215th 880th
thebookcommunity_fr 467th 296th 217th 46th
Ecloud Shop 468th 460th 413th 827th
force-et-sante 469th 304th 440th 2,055th
AGENDA EXPRESS 470th 524th 757th 1,494th
PREMYO 471st 374th 338th 1,674th
PpliNnKk 472nd 549th 1,302nd 2,967th
tinxi-shop Livraison de l'Allemagne 3 - 6 jours 473rd 418th 225th 476th
Gemtoo 474th 343rd 214th 808th
Indipc 475th 284th 191st 43rd
tao-informatique - vendeur français 476th 356th 263rd 70th
Mobil Meubles 477th 383rd 345th 340th
BlueMall_France 478th 434th 241st 126th
Smart Parts France 479th 275th 173rd 100th
Badalink 480th 573rd 1,035th 3,481st
BIGDISCOUNTERONLINE 481st 528th 917th 2,444th
Beauty DIY Mart 482nd 1,093rd 3,687th 7,953rd
skyblue-uk 483rd 529th 787th 2,914th

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