The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
bomien 292nd 377th 270th 904th
Fashionable young-CN 293rd 1,155th 2,954th 6,832nd
Fahrradesse 293rd 47,305th 41,392nd 39,216th
Mudder Online 294th 267th 234th 976th
DIABOLEO 295th 209th 178th 438th
The Quilted Bear Ltd 296th 218th 226th 583rd
Neuftech 297th 257th 151st 432nd
Etosell01 298th 329th 259th 1,121st
SOX IN A BOX 299th 43,767th 29,913th 19,939th
mei_mei9 299th 463rd 793rd 1,413th
Un Dimanche à la Campagne 300th 354th 467th 1,307th
kingdvd2014 301st 365th 364th 650th
2015 SBR 302nd 337th 696th 2,716th
Ziolsam 303rd 345th 1,031st 3,480th
RevivalBooks Ltd 304th 226th 192nd 307th
IS Boutique 305th 256th 188th 778th
monde_de_kamelia 306th 237th 287th 254th
Housweety 307th 351st 435th 638th
EPRANCE 308th 184th 232nd 1,286th
Highway Techbuy 309th 306th 274th 1,257th
Parfums de Sauvat 310th 376th 524th 1,127th
EGK Distribution 311th 239th 168th 229th
Stylefile 312th 574th 346th 765th
shadow791015 313th 395th 539th 2,114th
Charmoni 314th 334th 397th 999th
Home Portal 315th 342nd 419th 1,407th
Les Livres du Château 316th 214th 219th 560th
Jovivi Shop 317th 325th 510th 2,019th
Lilifolies Airsoft 318th 314th 368th 723rd
BOOKS etc. 319th 268th 244th 570th
Parkem Retail 320th 232nd 553rd 2,329th
Giga Electronico 321st 186th 726th 2,800th
YAZILIND JEWELRY LIMITED 322nd 381st 562nd 646th
AvantreeDirect 323rd 398th 390th 1,361st
Wosirl 324th 429th 648th 2,572nd
Rcool 325th 664th 2,637th 6,328th
bigbigdeal 326th 551st 1,257th 3,867th
BIBLIO-NET 327th 332nd 206th 104th
eCell 328th 335th 202nd 837th
duola beauty 329th 288th 651st 1,465th
Yaluxe 330th 512th 602nd 2,218th
Art Cub 331st 307th 172nd 507th
BRUBAKER (L'expéditeur rapide!) 332nd 591st 804th 852nd
Boolavard 333rd 311th 196th 266th
freecosmetique 334th 387th 359th 529th
Spreadshirt France 335th 760th 1,265th 2,468th
livres_allemands 336th 217th 298th 35th
World of Data Ltd. 337th 189th 126th 170th
Daisy Loom Ltd 337th 45,259th 32,455th 23,085th
bilder&dekoration 338th 401st 323rd 644th
CVRD-Médias 339th 382nd 376th 31st
HQ-CLOUD ( VENDEUR FRANCAIS) 340th 292nd 207th 186th
DOMU FR 341st 386th 1,436th 4,180th
Greener Books FR 342nd 192nd 144th 107th
FASHION GALLERY 343rd 411th 434th 1,949th
DR.F 344th 565th 1,486th 3,982nd
TecTake France 345th 221st 101st 165th
gohappybuy 346th 293rd 300th 1,389th
bigmouthstore-FR 347th 433rd 606th 2,039th
BisLinks® 348th 331st 337th 598th
Charon Int Ltd 349th 410th 504th 2,207th
store2dvd 350th 388th 426th 168th
Tapis24 351st 385th 332nd 779th
Jeux Video Petits Prix 352nd 466th 403rd 931st
Moonstore 353rd 336th 271st 670th
SEM BOUTIQUE 354th 264th 177th 413th
subtel-france 355th 283rd 174th 310th
WEB2O 356th 277th 453rd 2,057th
HuaYang 357th 340th 265th 614th
Seluxion 358th 436th 257th 67th
IDMARKET 359th 238th 218th 527th
Lixada-FR 360th 295th 199th 866th
Iconik Online 361st 347th 1,381st 4,084th
Miusol-FR 362nd 358th 815th 2,937th
DvdKrono 363rd 323rd 498th 137th
London General Insurance Company Limited 364th 393rd 1,095th 3,596th
1FOTEAM 365th 320th 405th 774th
LABOUTIQUEDUNET 366th 312th 352nd 1,073rd
InkData 367th 303rd 242nd 514th
Hyper Variance 368th 459th 406th 267th
oodji 369th 469th 1,718th 4,723rd
eSynic 370th 250th 349th 1,751st
VEO SHOP 371st 301st 133rd 677th
EFEFR 372nd 406th 358th 1,333rd
Quqe 373rd 380th 375th 1,566th
Konov Bijoux 374th 439th 264th 305th
prochive 375th 399th 949th 3,297th
clubstory 376th 482nd 543rd 1,297th
La Frog boutique 376th 48,686th 41,803rd 43,466th
DVD Overstocks UK 377th 367th 518th 1,505th
espace-disque 378th 280th 111th 27th
Foxchip-FR 379th 580th 551st 1,296th
beadwholesale(Expédiés de Chine) 380th 588th 1,444th 4,095th
Poster Revolution FR 381st 492nd 314th 285th
Micro Passion 76 382nd 389th 279th 554th
Zeil24 383rd 508th 706th 1,005th
Japanese Trend Item Store 384th 699th 1,197th 3,759th
JARBO. 385th 298th 596th 2,449th
Pandamimi--The Great ULAK Case Company 386th 443rd 394th 1,655th
NeoAyato 387th 456th 465th 655th

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