The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
tousbouquins 194th 132nd 132nd 36th
BERSERK MEDIA 195th 208th 162nd 29th
Shukan 196th 179th 108th 388th
SELLANDE 197th 197th 258th 141st
Honearn 198th 240th 299th 1,535th
Poweradd 199th 139th 186th 549th
FRANCE-GSM AVENUE - Expédié depuis la France avec une livraison assurée qui respecte le delai fixé par le site. 200th 470th 604th 309th
Vovotrade®. 201st 313th 370th 1,864th
88_Store 202nd 379th 629th 2,066th
MyMemory GB 203rd 241st 182nd 19th
COOZO 204th 274th 230th 548th
VCOMP 205th 171st 140th 756th
papeterie neveu 206th 164th 154th 318th
PHONE ACCESS FRANCE 207th 202nd 304th 1,384th
KINGTOP International 208th 263rd 269th 1,238th
Clic Musique ! 209th 207th 149th 384th
9fox 210th 327th 631st 2,168th
chapitre_librairie 211th 220th 203rd 6th
CELLBELL 212th 244th 268th 821st
épargnes 213th 135th 130th 465th
Twinz Products 214th 330th 847th 2,769th
Beautyful Center 215th 205th 209th 688th
Ularmo 216th 289th 363rd 1,847th
Xintop 217th 222nd 747th 2,842nd
Librairie Colibrio 218th 170th 155th 262nd
BIC WAREHOUSE 219th 272nd 141st 433rd
EC Technology FR Store 220th 216th 169th 645th
Bpro 221st 182nd 272nd 1,431st
Character FR 222nd 200th 388th 1,088th
Linking Mart 223rd 173rd 221st 1,022nd
The Entertainer 224th 213th 486th 143rd
Yellow Moon UK Ltd 225th 231st 318th 610th
highqualityforyou(in Hong Kong) 226th 278th 321st 829th
Camille Lingerie 227th 297th 393rd 666th
SOLDELA ® 228th 198th 205th 207th
prince_du_livre 229th 117th 107th 77th
ZOOM ICI 230th 246th 145th 74th
Meilleurs Jouets 231st 416th 799th 1,055th
EasyAcc.FN Store 232nd 178th 135th 561st
rebirthday 233rd 350th 421st 2,021st
SuperStore2014 234th 174th 256th 1,143rd
Elbenwald France 235th 193rd 290th 446th
mp4_telecom 236th 247th 261st 628th
Fishingking 237th 480th 1,912th 5,062nd
Sukiyaki JP 238th 402nd 387th 844th
Angelo Caro(livraison Hongkong 15-25 jours) 239th 259th 516th 639th
Ubuywills 240th 243rd 367th 1,665th
Sunroyal 241st 279th 316th 1,632nd
La bouquinerie du Sart 242nd 161st 253rd 1,416th
Bestventes 243rd 228th 197th 210th
AukruDirect 244th 201st 159th 297th
Fashmond 245th 316th 520th 1,789th
cadorabo-shop 246th 118th 157th 519th
SuperBookDeals.. 247th 163rd 239th 48th
romain13 248th 251st 246th 53rd
DISCOUNT ACCESSOIRES 249th 290th 212th 59th
Wowcamera 250th 281st 641st 951st
ILShopping 250th 46,049th 41,037th 32,371st
Elecsmart 251st 137th 113th 604th
FINETHER 252nd 408th 1,547th 4,362nd
X-FlashBox 253rd 273rd 180th 447th
COOSA® 254th 349th 496th 1,848th
Happy Sales UK 255th 269th 302nd 1,347th
SupplyEU 256th 276th 213th 1,099th
Mountain Warehouse 257th 315th 336th 621st
Japan-Select 258th 449th 341st 531st
Store4PC-Europe 259th 353rd 1,414th 4,130th
Loki_Rises 260th 258th 165th 487th
E.M.P. 261st 372nd 618th 1,668th
CKDO77 262nd 235th 483rd 486th
Art Naturals Frances 263rd 175th 622nd 1,833rd
Yidarton Trade 264th 368th 568th 2,363rd
MoEx24 265th 188th 252nd 1,358th
homesunshine 266th 285th 490th 2,187th
KAPPA MEDIA 267th 227th 134th 65th
OB8® 267th 46,671st 41,220th 43,024th
Uxpressbuying 268th 233rd 326th 1,365th
La Cabina 269th 450th 1,502nd 4,276th
Livréco 270th 194th 310th 374th
Centrale Free Agent 271st 321st 266th 435th
Iluvthisworld2013 272nd 369th 282nd 1,154th
mr!trade France 273rd 224th 210th 1,241st
Comptoirdurevefr 274th 254th 362nd 790th
NouveauxMarchands 275th 302nd 198th 87th
Mediashoponline 276th 169th 123rd 332nd
MENAGER SERVICES 277th 253rd 378th 964th
JS Direct 278th 324th 402nd 1,519th
QHG store 279th 464th 1,382nd 4,086th
OFF PRICE STORE 280th 271st 255th 618th
1byone EU 281st 245th 501st 2,223rd
Papeterie Libellus 282nd 287th 283rd 181st
FAMI 283rd 597th 2,026th 5,258th
MunkiMix Bijoux 284th 319th 273rd 407th
LUDIBAY 285th 662nd 1,270th 494th
SINGE 286th 261st 407th 1,855th
COIFFURE FRANCE TOULOUSE 287th 230th 201st 411th
M & L France 288th 360th 379th 236th
YUK 289th 484th 687th 1,460th
parapromos 290th 153rd 143rd 323rd
Cyber Scribe 291st 249th 243rd 155th

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