The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
BetterWorldBooksFr 98th 79th 61st 45th
Avenue des Jeux 99th 162nd 250th 52nd
Fintie EU 100th 138th 254th 1,300th
hello-crafts 101st 128th 164th 897th
NOVAGO-Vendeur français service garanti 102nd 110th 81st 50th
plusdecinema 103rd 101st 42nd 22nd
TUNESUS 104th 124th 96th 149th
anyuanweishi 105th 51st 16th 91st
Hits* 106th 88th 52nd 169th
CoPhone 107th 122nd 125th 733rd
SDTEK Direct 108th 91st 69th 282nd
Supermart USA 109th 83rd 119th 556th
FR-DEUBA 110th 120th 102nd 206th
Smartphones & DVD 111th 116th 146th 166th
chapitre_libraire 112th 103rd 58th 15th
Clest F&H 113th 155th 276th 1,382nd
LianNuoEC 114th 219th 401st 1,841st
Etekcity Corporation 115th 107th 227th 990th
[mediapromo] 116th 109th 148th 123rd
Yistu 117th 270th 826th 3,015th
KOInc 118th 160th 635th 2,585th
Tuning 119th 81st 84th 242nd
Acrodeal 120th 150th 158th 88th
DVDMAX-FR 121st 181st 497th 1,812th
Lerpby 122nd 111th 292nd 1,554th
JulieFord653 123rd 166th 848th 3,070th
GoldenSwing 124th 92nd 187th 1,163rd
PhoneNatic 125th 90th 44th 197th
DIRECT_DVD_EU 126th 99th 121st 291st
Hippidion.Store 127th 100th 89th 709th
Suaoki Fr 128th 159th 458th 2,110th
RAREWAVES USA 129th 123rd 103rd 205th
Direct-2-Your-Door 130th 133rd 291st 1,545th
Duoda 131st 152nd 506th 2,227th
TECHGEAR Solutions 132nd 185th 208th 1,058th
adaptare 133rd 143rd 85th 105th
niceEshop-Expédié depuis Hong Kong 134th 147th 124th 362nd
EUR Printer 134th 25,399th 31,833rd 35,610th
lisofle 135th 127th 128th 113th
Digiflex FR 136th 85th 100th 184th
igadgitz_fra 137th 144th 117th 58th
Made4Home SAS 138th 172nd 771st 2,889th
AC-Déco 139th 126th 139th 211th
HMykeul 139th 31,492nd 40,242nd 18,780th
RAREWAVES-FR 140th 176th 129th 32nd
MISTERLOWCOST 141st 203rd 235th 245th
Trend Mall 142nd 154th 88th 672nd
Bee Biz 143rd 206th 181st 855th
DVD-A-TOUT-PRIX 144th 134th 175th 96th
GoldenBell 145th 151st 223rd 1,044th
QIANSE JEWELLERY 146th 141st 340th 1,543rd
HelloLady 147th 140th 297th 1,563rd
G-Hub 148th 229th 248th 324th
kikidevarennes 149th 191st 190th 61st
RETEVIS CO.LTD 150th 255th 586th 2,095th
Beauty House-FR 151st 136th 120th 764th
moppele 151st 30,788th 35,089th 35,631st
IVSOTEK UK 152nd 177th 624th 2,556th
SENDISI 153rd 156th 161st 1,032nd
MysticMoments 154th 146th 204th 918th
MULBESS 155th 157th 224th 777th
Shine Glory Lighting (EUR Seller) 156th 300th 991st 3,384th
IPOMCASE 157th 223rd 740th 2,815th
Qflying 158th 204th 676th 2,477th
Fulltime 159th 236th 592nd 2,445th
meinemarkenmode 160th 211th 798th 2,146th
sc_computerecke 161st 131st 240th 840th
Sunwood-FR 162nd 119th 104th 193rd
welcomebackbooks_usa 163rd 142nd 106th 164th
Hot Deal Zone 164th 195th 249th 987th
TONSEE 165th 212th 194th 1,001st
Naissance - expédié depuis le Royaume-Uni 166th 95th 50th 139th
Klim-Cool 167th 125th 142nd 920th
Excess Gaming 168th 215th 450th 1,915th
CrazyKangaroo 169th 148th 179th 704th
Rulfepy 170th 183rd 464th 2,121st
switchali 171st 412th 1,770th 4,812th
~ LIBRAIRIE PAPETERIE DU LYCEE ~ 172nd 165th 231st 135th
dvd-rebell 173rd 260th 183rd 18th
TOPLUS 174th 187th 474th 2,142nd
frcelebration 175th 308th 775th 2,610th
C A M P U S TELECOM Livre depuis la FRANCE avec une reception trés rapide et qui respecte les délais de livraison assurée par la POSTE 176th 167th 150th 286th
Feeego 177th 121st 170th 909th
SurePromise Limited 178th 196th 136th 112th
TOPEU 179th 158th 517th 2,244th
Wizideal 180th 130th 127th 587th
EliteDigital FR 181st 149th 92nd 16th
Membrane Store 182nd 145th 82nd 33rd
KING JOUET 183rd 516th 1,255th 1,335th
Close Up 184th 234th 309th 296th
Haoyunlai 185th 305th 1,338th 4,011th
HCN PHONE 186th 225th 683rd 2,699th
bitworld 187th 359th 682nd 2,690th
Anime Store 188th 210th 200th 121st
Tiopeseer 189th 282nd 356th 1,808th
Gaon Store 190th 42,965th 29,836th 33,864th
inandout_france 190th 252nd 247th 47th
Neobang 191st 180th 152nd 72nd
kenable ltd 192nd 113th 64th 94th
2 UR DOOR 193rd 168th 185th 553rd

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