The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
MrLion GmbH 963rd 37,746th 34,472nd 27,342nd
Bureau & Maison 963rd 564th 278th 730th
Miloolfr 964th 1,269th 3,823rd 8,109th
Librairie Le Souffle de l'Esprit 965th 631st 722nd 1,038th
TIME100&Barbie 966th 1,042nd 2,253rd 4,838th
SOUNDSOUL Direct 967th 830th 1,075th 3,502nd
SDE Online 968th 730th 438th 1,514th
Rinkit Ltd 969th 1,104th 2,409th 1,252nd
auto-plaque 970th 933rd 1,130th 1,644th
Invision Technologie (France) 971st 845th 1,138th 1,708th
Cable Matters 972nd 575th 237th 240th
ALPS Watch Store 973rd 1,256th 3,575th 7,527th
Angelof 974th 2,294th 6,239th 11,462nd
Ruimeng@ Online 974th 45,344th 32,471st 36,101st
Lyon-Cook 975th 786th 695th 114th
Cable Trader 976th 38,146th 34,551st 24,542nd
MercadoActual 976th 859th 1,339th 3,088th
Clairenature 977th 911th 1,511th 2,472nd
Limite Limite 978th 1,156th 1,034th 3,228th
OG Luxe 979th 1,625th 4,456th 9,049th
Nature's Remedies 980th 948th 348th 1,275th
Digidave FR 981st 847th 667th 1,409th
BARGAIN DEALS UK 982nd 630th 1,765th 4,801st
LuronStore 983rd 535th 484th 758th
Yingzhu-UK 984th 1,108th 1,587th 4,447th
GDUK2015 985th 718th 1,064th 3,459th
Weetop 986th 727th 2,649th 6,345th
lenshareuk 987th 660th 2,460th 5,976th
NDFI 988th 1,346th 1,192nd 2,884th
encuentraz 988th 50,703rd 37,002nd 24,951st
Livre et Partition En Stock 989th 874th 1,143rd 2,298th
OtherEden 990th 1,080th 626th 1,699th
Le Comptoir Central 991st 481st 322nd 1,379th
Jouets Merveilleux 992nd 1,405th 3,181st 4,969th
Tatkraft 993rd 626th 513th 1,287th
Acce2S 994th 864th 663rd 683rd
Fulfillment Express 995th 927th 869th 1,211th
CDEX SHOP 996th 821st 1,097th 2,287th
goldenbuyfr 997th 743rd 1,110th 3,236th
i-RCstore (FR) 997th 50,699th 26,744th 30,027th
Motor City Books-USA 998th 619th 616th 488th
GAMING WORLD 999th 1,324th 1,837th 4,835th
Home & Design Online 1,000th 38,375th 38,843rd 29,291st
Cool Steel and Beyond 1,000th 1,332nd 1,604th 2,782nd
KaylaOfficial 1,001st 537th 1,692nd 4,641st
Zooky® Gadgets & Accessories 1,002nd 1,455th 1,707th 1,622nd
Cutie House 1,003rd 1,126th 733rd 784th
Zimi's 1,004th 1,956th 1,839th 2,506th
Jiayiqi Trading Co.Ltd EU 1,005th 1,512th 1,417th 3,851st
PlusOne Accessories 1,006th 1,132nd 3,636th 7,850th
KABUTO JAPAN UK (Please read the item condition section carefully before placing an order.) 1,007th 1,991st 4,810th 9,555th
Bayapi 1,008th 957th 694th 259th
krisp clothing 1,009th 617th 441st 641st
Free State Books USA 1,010th 910th 1,606th 3,662nd
Elecmores-UK 1,011th 3,007th 7,099th 12,529th
Fêter et Recevoir 1,012th 825th 758th 1,380th
Cabling® 1,013th 784th 806th 485th
H&X 1,014th 1,198th 2,325th 5,736th
Pierre-cedric 1,015th 909th 1,079th 2,235th
Hobby-Discount 1,016th 1,046th 964th 146th
KM-Japan 1,017th 1,438th 2,230th 5,587th
SportsShoes Unlimited France 1,018th 955th 460th 218th
hibuy 1,019th 836th 1,106th 2,267th
Tooplab 1,020th 2,246th 6,146th 11,347th
Shop It Again Limited 1,021st 668th 369th 706th
BUSINESS EURO 1,022nd 2,055th 3,198th 7,053rd
StyleHairCare 1,023rd 1,356th 1,882nd 4,366th
daydream GmbH 1,024th 45,037th 40,743rd 34,059th
Go Inks 1,024th 799th 537th 589th
Challenge Internet 1,025th 800th 1,310th 1,782nd
IfreeMall 1,026th 545th 890th 3,162nd
BESTEK GLOBAL LTD 1,027th 953rd 583rd 1,641st
cadeaux-utiles 1,028th 992nd 1,027th 265th
SPN Imports and Services LLC 1,029th 1,259th 642nd 1,045th
WholetradeEU 1,030th 1,128th 1,885th 4,991st
SAS NOVALIFE 1,031st 785th 399th 593rd
Pro-Electronic 1,032nd 618th 2,357th 5,800th
Cache-Cache 1,033rd 2,826th 7,266th 12,754th
crealivres_com 1,034th 1,171st 1,203rd 424th
AceTechFR 1,035th 932nd 571st 1,048th
818-Shop 1,036th 1,383rd 1,583rd 1,659th
1a-Produkte-Preise inkl. MwSt. 1,037th 907th 937th 1,645th
tefamore 1,038th 2,934th 7,449th 12,953rd
Vogue Paris Business 1,039th 1,059th 995th 2,319th
Surya Home 1,040th 1,428th 2,549th 5,120th
06emeline 1,041st 774th 812th 400th
CAPTAIN PLAY 1,042nd 1,537th 3,110th 3,634th
XIANGUO 1,043rd 1,423rd 3,647th 7,856th
artPhone 1,044th 45,669th 40,916th 38,934th
OUNONA 1,044th 1,358th 2,839th 6,655th
PAPETERIE DU COLLEGE 1,045th 672nd 565th 1,434th
Outiz 1,046th 556th 739th 2,579th
lise et ses cd 1,047th 881st 1,586th 874th
Activewear_Clothing_Online ( Délivre du Royaume-Uni 5-7 Jours) 1,048th 581st 774th 2,893rd
amazing-trading store 1,049th 1,138th 894th 1,797th
Film-Europe 1,050th 1,112th 2,091st 3,510th
Eureka-France 1,051st 771st 1,435th 3,843rd
KOMPBAY 1,052nd 749th 456th 810th
Noble Collection 1,053rd 1,844th 3,165th 1,768th
BDMangasPlus 1,054th 1,190th 1,111th 377th

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