The number 1 marketplace store in France is, launched in 2000. In 2008 Amazon Premium (Amazon Prime as called in other countries) has been introduced. The main competitor for is eBay France, which is also as popular among french people.

Here Amazon France sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
ADMI 866th 640th 404th 988th
Unigear Group 867th 1,116th 2,478th 6,024th
LIANTANGEU 868th 1,295th 1,657th 4,399th
CANDURE 869th 1,047th 729th 1,496th
Trueboy Clothing Company Limited 870th 1,308th 2,520th 5,125th
Jstyle Bijoux 871st 801st 908th 3,201st
neverland-moteur 872nd 1,053rd 891st 2,150th
HappyShopping2 873rd 815th 887th 2,816th
HT Electronic 874th 988th 1,142nd 550th
Top Chargeur 875th 921st 954th 3,221st
NET-EXPANSION 876th 592nd 603rd 1,938th
Cosmetic Solutions depuis USA par avion 877th 636th 831st 215th
ABCINE 878th 1,111th 813th 555th
theWireless USA 879th 507th 521st 1,795th
SLEO Accessories 880th 871st 1,713th 4,703rd
Balvi 881st 1,261st 2,022nd 4,700th
Fansheng 882nd 903rd 3,220th 7,223rd
HB-Int 883rd 1,110th 1,101st 3,428th
OLIVRE 884th 888th 699th 1,432nd
SIM-RADIO Electronique 885th 647th 561st 333rd
Kacuco 886th 569th 658th 2,641st
Cartouche-Deal 887th 678th 877th 3,127th
Becool 888th 827th 901st 2,930th
HQHS(20-25 jours d'expédition) 889th 1,122nd 1,172nd 2,746th
MAISON ELECTRONIQUE 890th 961st 601st 1,415th
declicpharma 891st 532nd 439th 337th
Sportspar 892nd 1,241st 1,223rd 1,493rd
DVD_EN_STOCK 893rd 967th 1,076th 230th
NOTE-X 894th 929th 1,185th 3,200th
Wetterladen - Freizeit- und Sportartikel 895th 900th 1,335th 3,832nd
Charming Beads 896th 612th 754th 1,904th
LE FOUILLIS DU LIVRE PESSAC 897th 757th 903rd 382nd
OMGHOWCHEAP 898th 880th 1,231st 2,552nd
YOSHTech 899th 700th 1,819th 4,897th
MA BOUTIQUE O NATUREL 900th 817th 633rd 543rd
FancyDressForAll 901st 1,072nd 1,878th 1,260th
RDLB 902nd 704th 727th 2,801st
Anpro FR 903rd 989th 2,882nd 6,717th
Petite-Boutique 904th 977th 988th 1,581st
CHOETECH 905th 681st 570th 1,779th
UNICORNUK 906th 1,341st 2,103rd 5,285th
Mailanda 907th 1,090th 2,184th 5,481st
Toy Zany 908th 1,137th 1,137th 687th
Tibes 909th 1,420th 2,140th 5,448th
DIGITALGUY INTERNATIONAL INC 910th 941st 680th 2,028th
Wave Multimedia Co. Ltd 911th 1,172nd 734th 1,719th
LIANTECH COOLING 912th 914th 1,017th 3,423rd
Tilber S.A. 913th 571st 525th 1,374th
Gusti Cuir 914th 1,030th 731st 601st
Simpeak.F Store 915th 964th 2,243rd 5,606th
Zetong tech 916th 708th 1,118th 3,623rd
MONTRE-STYLE 917th 983rd 1,245th 1,218th
Core Shoes 917th 49,901st 30,513th 34,483rd
Benage 918th 1,978th 5,583rd 10,622nd
Maxstore GmbH 919th 960th 1,349th 2,342nd
Flames 'N Games Specialist Juggling Store 920th 1,162nd 932nd 1,149th
chnano 921st 693rd 2,137th 5,455th
MGS33COM FRANCE ( Nos envois se font par la POSTE avec SUIVI) 922nd 802nd 768th 30th
URAQT(UK) 923rd 1,469th 1,736th 4,751st
Nice Beads Online Store 924th 769th 976th 2,352nd
Coconut Merchant Ltd 925th 642nd 556th 2,277th
MO BY ME 926th 1,294th 1,456th 1,474th
Wostu 927th 1,334th 3,002nd 6,897th
Nearfine 928th 807th 511th 176th
KoCo-Go-UK 929th 1,029th 2,877th 6,707th
wonderfullife668 930th 1,475th 1,353rd 2,849th
BonluxEU 931st 1,398th 3,150th 7,135th
TB TRADING 932nd 1,487th 1,129th 3,136th
SPORTSDEPOT 933rd 1,117th 841st 1,424th
Ordica France - Boutique Premium - Livraison Suivi Offerte 934th 1,009th 1,100th 490th
Lianle® 935th 1,551st 2,210th 5,523rd
rainqueenuk 936th 1,926th 3,214th 6,937th
rvbphoto 937th 753rd 481st 273rd
Infini U 938th 1,292nd 1,930th 3,610th
Potensic Direct 939th 737th 1,475th 4,235th
InstaNatural EU 940th 598th 357th 1,466th
kastonecorp 941st 923rd 866th 2,108th
Ape Collection 942nd 1,342nd 2,385th 3,786th
FM London 943rd 1,026th 1,611th 4,019th
Chaussures - FR 944th 1,265th 1,619th 3,276th
Link-Cable-Store ( LCS ) 945th 711th 432nd 86th
Linda (Livraison 15-25 jours) 946th 1,379th 1,923rd 2,176th
DeguiseToi_Officiel 947th 1,206th 1,286th 419th
my-goodprice 948th 611th 580th 942nd
Jackery France 949th 725th 1,227th 3,490th
Neoglory Company 950th 1,492nd 2,724th 6,463rd
mearings 951st 1,208th 2,686th 6,425th
Wonderbox 952nd 1,715th 2,782nd 1,526th
Lizzy Outlet 953rd 1,671st 2,518th 5,516th
FILM-OFFICE 954th 2,286th 6,224th 11,444th
Amir FR 955th 860th 2,639th 6,334th
oobest-FR 956th 1,446th 2,979th 6,869th
Sevenhills Wholefoods 957th 1,078th 1,127th 2,777th
Menko Telekom 958th 1,019th 459th 1,079th
GermanCarParts 959th 37,664th 34,457th 37,674th
Flongo 959th 1,145th 1,297th 3,264th
Ant-Move-UK 960th 1,192nd 1,663rd 4,101st
Vive la vie 961st 2,538th 2,757th 6,537th
maeno 961st 43,623rd 40,335th 35,910th
PrixToutCompris 962nd 634th 983rd 1,392nd

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