In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Marvellous Group 664th 652nd 564th 400th
Canada Music Shopping Party 665th 654th 267th 693rd
MATTRESSDIRECT 666th 827th 694th 1,207th
monvolume - Boutique Volume - MTL 667th 550th 369th 75th
Kitchen Niche 668th 875th 935th 586th
Claybox_Limited 669th 451st 1,254th 2,002nd
JustGreatDealzCA 670th 626th 798th 1,794th
RareWare Distribution 671st 868th 2,369th 4,122nd
Colybecation 672nd 835th 1,720th 3,248th
AneWish 673rd 612th 1,349th 2,700th
megahitrecords canada 674th 524th 535th 877th
Popsky 675th 570th 817th 1,803rd
Elite Tools Canada 676th 651st 511th 560th
Neverland-Autoparts 677th 699th 1,169th 2,298th
Indica Plateau 678th 1,092nd 2,741st 4,690th
Count On US 679th 959th 1,567th 2,893rd
Gerald J George 680th 36,545th 24,505th 27,042nd
kilofly shop 680th 761st 972nd 1,773rd
Agape Holdings Inc 681st 584th 692nd 1,163rd
MagicLux Tech 682nd 638th 1,737th 3,267th
Eurolite 683rd 660th 1,145th 2,388th
Happy2016 684th 37,942nd 33,577th 34,917th
Ink & Toner Geek 684th 734th 725th 1,178th
JOLSE 685th 587th 707th 1,446th
EASTAR 686th 735th 682nd 1,491st
SlickBlue 687th 548th 457th 719th
Old Glory 688th 1,079th 1,870th 1,814th
HD Zone - CA 689th 979th 1,041st 1,884th
OZ Naturals Canada 690th 736th 367th 437th
TENSWALL CA 691st 601st 666th 1,481st
FeelGood Natural Health 692nd 719th 582nd 430th
Axiba 693rd 1,014th 2,664th 4,497th
Yaluxe CA 694th 855th 762nd 1,249th
Gating 695th 525th 705th 1,614th
Archer Full Throttle International 696th 718th 1,386th 1,124th
FOTO&TECH 697th 674th 562nd 592nd
Med Shop and Beyond 698th 661st 1,868th 3,445th
FootMatters 699th 692nd 1,051st 2,114th
RevivalBooksUK 700th 452nd 405th 331st
TR Wholesalers 701st 24,721st 31,526th 15,542nd
Exclusivebulbs 701st 732nd 1,029th 2,182nd
GRDE Direct 702nd 903rd 2,245th 3,451st
baigio 703rd 760th 1,197th 2,342nd
Instant Pot 704th 1,198th 1,199th 820th
CowboyStudio- Canada 705th 712th 407th 180th
ONX-3 706th 622nd 790th 1,750th
Sewell Canada 707th 673rd 508th 414th
Stylea2z 708th 1,042nd 1,273rd 2,268th
Bustrill-CA 709th 464th 479th 987th
ChallengerUSA 710th 740th 987th 1,730th
Moonguiding 711th 537th 292nd 583rd
Ray Up 712th 709th 341st 852nd
ZLYC 713th 1,109th 1,429th 2,127th
JVG_Books LLC 714th 704th 635th 1,110th
Okanagan Trading 715th 670th 557th 902nd
SUPER-BUY 716th 561st 718th 851st
freshleafbooks 717th 683rd 990th 2,071st
VeePeak 718th 560th 484th 1,161st
Woodmin Official 719th 1,147th 2,908th 4,910th
JewelryWe Jewelry 720th 974th 1,081st 2,094th
zxshootingstar 721st 665th 723rd 1,026th
FEITONG 722nd 758th 1,002nd 2,072nd
solewire CA 723rd 556th 232nd 585th
AnyMall 724th 696th 453rd 1,029th
NutriCelebrity 725th 416th 602nd 1,411th
Gear_Beast 726th 727th 356th 824th
KAWELL CANADA 727th 535th 563rd 903rd
Equinox Int CA 728th 695th 647th 961st
VofolenDirect 729th 644th 608th 1,294th
Geekbuying 730th 509th 195th 363rd
Bluetall 731st 756th 1,271st 2,595th
3Exodus 732nd 1,017th 1,359th 1,961st
Omaker 733rd 543rd 358th 818th
Customaster 734th 985th 2,642nd 4,527th
belowwholsalelighting 734th 51,596th 17,759th 14,024th
EZ SHOP 735th 702nd 478th 415th
The Handy House 736th 952nd 865th 359th
DidoMall 737th 767th 728th 1,448th
GP Official 738th 1,001st 1,337th 2,675th
HerbsPro 739th 353rd 231st 527th
ECHOGEAR 740th 858th 1,086th 2,303rd
CanadaAutoSupply 741st 518th 322nd 367th
HomeDeco2016CA 742nd 1,003rd 1,946th 3,448th
CitiGeeks 743rd 613th 504th 190th
Iron Bull Strength Canada 744th 823rd 917th 1,612th
Goronya 745th 791st 1,091st 2,307th
BoxWave Corporation 746th 586th 569th 230th
GOOQ 747th 864th 568th 1,119th
Robotshop 748th 1,033rd 1,784th 3,197th
maly's shop 749th 1,100th 1,581st 3,022nd
Miway 750th 26,081st 26,829th 29,189th
Game Keeper Online 750th 1,123rd 1,375th 2,168th
goldnic 751st 1,235th 3,288th 5,383rd
MINIX Technology Limited 752nd 961st 1,919th 3,506th
LUNIWEI 753rd 1,192nd 2,598th 4,184th
ProCanada (USA Shipments) 754th 604th 254th 191st
Collectibles of the Game 755th 1,059th 1,644th 686th
Jack&Chris(CA) 756th 905th 1,678th 2,874th
The Sports Den 757th 1,267th 1,391st 1,532nd
iThrough Direct 758th 781st 424th 964th

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