In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Ozeri Canada 569th 619th 473rd 241st
ICZI-CA 570th 455th 1,188th 2,445th
ALLPOWERS-CA 571st 657th 448th 440th
Epic Business Services Inc 572nd 1,163rd 3,162nd 5,246th
The Blue Sky 573rd 968th 1,941st 3,554th
Fancii® 574th 697th 1,408th 2,772nd
CHE mall--Ships from HongKong 575th 327th 447th 198th
Umiwe-Direct Ships From HongKong 576th 564th 1,184th 795th
Sports Land US 576th 48,858th 11,796th 12,255th
ZookkiDirect 577th 648th 742nd 1,392nd
giving stone 578th 751st 1,895th 3,494th
Now Showing DVD's 579th 817th 553rd 450th
S&O Online 579th 52,182nd 30,930th 33,015th
LNKOO 580th 529th 877th 1,937th
TopMall 581st 436th 857th 1,879th
Simplee Apparel 582nd 1,026th 2,517th 4,369th
LuxerWatches 583rd 700th 881st 514th
Highly Anticipated Electronics 584th 437th 193rd 525th
TheBrickPeople 585th 730th 593rd 475th
SAINT- STEPHENS- BOOKS 586th 897th 1,248th 409th
HGI Now 587th 785th 1,352nd 2,057th
HorseLoverZ & EasyPet Canada 588th 639th 371st 512th
LUOLNH 589th 484th 555th 1,314th
Mogeeks 590th 628th 676th 926th
hello!ca 591st 365th 166th 293rd
discounts 592nd 637th 600th 47th
SHARKK canada 593rd 693rd 428th 446th
Textbooks for Change 594th 460th 180th 268th
JOIE store 595th 866th 2,466th 4,297th
HavitDirect 596th 472nd 461st 1,045th
SZYT 597th 573rd 1,025th 2,222nd
FanTEK 598th 706th 948th 1,771st
OODLIA 599th 35,445th 24,394th 22,677th
Prestige Solutions CA 599th 720th 435th 396th
FOTGA 600th 553rd 854th 1,704th
DSTE Technology 601st 684th 625th 1,106th
Beelink 602nd 1,072nd 2,883rd 4,877th
Insane Web Deals...Simply the Best Deals on the Web! 603rd 640th 1,133rd 1,613th
wishland 604th 787th 1,619th 3,112th
Premium Nature 605th 877th 2,518th 4,373rd
TORU Canada 606th 614th 622nd 808th
Fragrancebuy Canada 607th 596th 501st 712th
ROLL IN 608th 886th 2,146th 3,824th
Speedy Hen 609th 552nd 579th 324th
Under Moments 610th 659th 883rd 1,948th
KHOMO Accessories 611th 647th 436th 154th
Dushang Store 612th 577th 572nd 924th
BELKA 613th 795th 1,925th 3,486th
McLen 614th 685th 919th 2,009th
Outrip Canada Shop 615th 945th 2,662nd 4,594th
Maracana CA 616th 623rd 247th 234th
DISAGU CA 617th 551st 469th 782nd
REDTOKYOJAPANHOBBY 617th 46,630th 15,441st 7,410th
Grindstore Canada 618th 625th 763rd 1,000th
GeekriaDirect 619th 733rd 995th 1,923rd
Toners & More 620th 941st 1,069th 1,904th
DealFactor 621st 882nd 636th 656th
TEMEGO 622nd 610th 754th 1,637th
Yiderui 623rd 597th 537th 1,187th
Deal Tavern USA 624th 881st 623rd 183rd
Clever Creations Canada 625th 819th 1,697th 3,226th
Plugable Canada 626th 569th 462nd 472nd
Sunroyal-US 627th 689th 2,002nd 3,617th
ECS Coffee Inc. 628th 635th 606th 899th
Page Plus 628th 34,651st 33,082nd 34,572nd
MLG_Jewelry 629th 914th 815th 1,431st
Tee stars 630th 988th 1,541st 2,998th
ACEVOG 631st 832nd 2,421st 4,228th
gamerudy 632nd 538th 464th 124th
NOT HOME. 633rd 862nd 1,824th 3,402nd
Your Online Bookstore 634th 380th 273rd 74th
iven-case 635th 571st 470th 985th
Our Pampered Home-Canada 636th 566th 586th 1,420th
JOBSTEVETTT 637th 784th 770th 1,715th
N'Ice Caps 638th 909th 1,433rd 1,427th
YtCo 639th 859th 1,393rd 2,097th
Prestige Beauty Solutions 640th 811th 1,385th 2,733rd
Vandot. 641st 650th 1,350th 2,701st
Beauty Garage 642nd 631st 998th 2,171st
Hatching Bee 643rd 664th 641st 1,250th
ZONGDIAN 644th 729th 2,032nd 3,662nd
AutoPartsWAY (Canada) 645th 422nd 299th 576th
Spellbound From England 646th 531st 574th 1,159th
LightSpectrum 647th 448th 385th 566th
EARTH NATURE 648th 618th 957th 1,971st
Angel_Store 649th 1,019th 2,520th 4,341st
Virtual Outlet 650th 782nd 1,078th 1,876th
Pennybuying 651st 759th 1,531st 2,941st
Canada Imports 652nd 565th 554th 579th
Rainco 653rd 1,287th 3,400th 5,569th
EXPRESSion Tees 654th 1,097th 2,896th 4,828th
X-DRAGON Direct-CA 655th 707th 515th 1,190th
D-FantiX 656th 954th 1,094th 2,316th
RDX-INC 657th 776th 927th 1,652nd
QIYUN.Z 658th 496th 437th 1,036th
SoxShop 659th 771st 1,323rd 1,488th
InMusicWeTrust2016 660th 713th 1,846th 3,433rd
JAMMYLIZARD Canada 661st 752nd 460th 644th
ShoeOcean 662nd 774th 653rd 1,260th
Retro Styler UK 663rd 1,219th 2,010th 3,154th

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