In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
CNATTAGS LLC 475th 418th 567th 1,308th
EasyBargain-CA 476th 458th 455th 1,018th
DRUNK STONED OR STUPID 477th 768th 1,647th 2,638th
Powerextra 478th 705th 1,882nd 3,480th
Hold N' Storage 479th 599th 800th 1,025th
Morpilot 480th 489th 1,537th 2,989th
Kryptonite Kollectibles CA 481st 728th 1,477th 758th
Kitchenomics 482nd 575th 859th 1,716th
MIYABI shop Japan 483rd 49,691st 35,413th 23,357th
Accmart 483rd 340th 287th 305th
Deconovo 484th 475th 449th 1,008th
DIVYS ARK LLC 485th 533rd 1,123rd 2,361st
kingoftradeonline 486th 350th 184th 112th
Wish4Blades 487th 443rd 320th 232nd
MayaBooksCA 488th 399th 766th 1,741st
V4INK CA 489th 282nd 188th 168th
The Noble Collection 490th 582nd 1,060th 1,836th
EastCoastPhoto 491st 432nd 451st 247th
pooqdo 492nd 409th 215th 530th
yaoyunca 493rd 420th 304th 638th
CA_Denhes 494th 497th 661st 1,399th
Daiju Tools-Ca 495th 25,979th 31,725th 33,651st
Tablet2Cases Canada 495th 544th 615th 718th
DaySeventh 496th 606th 597th 1,058th
Natural feelings 497th 499th 1,672nd 3,191st
Mario Retro 498th 950th 1,013th 1,895th
RBSCH 499th 230th 687th 1,599th
Cousin Floyd 500th 461st 443rd 297th
Summer Online-HK 501st 427th 176th 476th
russell-books 502nd 505th 278th 133rd
Kupaiku 503rd 411th 339th 536th
AUTO-VOX 504th 766th 1,234th 2,227th
Homey Homes Direct 505th 522nd 393rd 915th
Sinland-microfiber 506th 468th 456th 809th
Everyday Luxury Home Canada 507th 923rd 959th 1,424th
Kattee 508th 649th 384th 725th
Kobwa Direct[MI] 509th 803rd 2,375th 4,151st
Max Auto Parts 510th 322nd 211th 419th
iRULU 511th 663rd 360th 769th
PD Supplies 512th 433rd 534th 679th
Gift_Source 513th 393rd 616th 1,468th
ThorFire & More 514th 797th 2,367th 4,147th
FragrancePrime Canada 515th 554th 494th 822nd
glitzs 516th 933rd 657th 580th
Vision Graphics 517th 747th 778th 1,319th
The Vitamin Supply 518th 388th 256th 454th
Smile&Satisfaction 519th 471st 1,072nd 2,293rd
Amber Graciana 520th 595th 527th 971st
Axe Music Inc. 521st 655th 832nd 1,831st
PlayCanada 522nd 838th 875th 125th
SB-Retails 523rd 725th 1,018th 1,450th
YESURPRISE-CN 524th 402nd 259th 337th
Headphone Centre trading as Kabalo 525th 679th 547th 1,135th
NYfashion101 Inc. 526th 671st 839th 1,549th
marrywindixca 527th 516th 771st 1,406th
BisLinks ® 528th 357th 311th 545th
KapscoMoto 529th 362nd 245th 412th
Best Nutrition Shop 530th 435th 315th 215th
EOTW Direct 531st 413th 452nd 1,149th
iVoler Canada 532nd 567th 368th 789th
Best Price Canada USA & XD America 533rd 593rd 1,098th 2,319th
Beverly Collins Cool Clock Custom 534th 33,735th 24,214th 26,763rd
2Bhip CA 534th 799th 993rd 2,159th
Sofia+Sam 535th 786th 2,027th 3,671st
Tenergy Canada 536th 677th 576th 904th
Never Down 537th 412th 203rd 385th
PECHAM CA 538th 559th 414th 986th
AMPM24CA 539th 658th 614th 672nd
Atshark CA 540th 377th 419th 1,022nd
Canada Automotive Supply 541st 636th 415th 717th
Greener_Books_Canada 542nd 493rd 331st 163rd
EarthFair-CA 543rd 480th 377th 561st
Bits And Pieces Canada 544th 478th 939th 1,792nd
oneCase 545th 675th 1,030th 1,979th
bellwetherbooks_usa 546th 408th 316th 83rd
Furnace Filters. Ca 547th 790th 1,786th 3,347th
SHOEme ca 548th 1,022nd 1,726th 3,265th
Store4PC. 549th 558th 445th 564th
FinalTouch 550th 746th 1,180th 1,338th
MoonCase 551st 439th 216th 611th
Collector Haven 552nd 28,905th 32,200th 33,957th
Ever Faith CA 552nd 483rd 475th 584th
TOPIDEAL-CA 553rd 477th 354th 552nd
powellsbooks 554th 421st 284th 50th
Naipo Direct 555th 987th 2,771st 4,722nd
SAI Canada 556th 915th 753rd 567th
digitalguy2013 557th 466th 505th 884th
Evocel 558th 485th 584th 1,422nd
Devabeauty 559th 534th 910th 2,020th
SimplyCase 560th 634th 1,021st 2,099th
8 TO 12 DAYS SHIPPING TIME (May take up to 25 days at times of bad weather & holidays) Item posted from UK United Kingdom. Region Free works in CANADA 561st 536th 491st 194th
REDGO Direct 562nd 949th 1,950th 3,559th
Customised_Perfection 563rd 904th 1,949th 3,558th
IDeals 564th 676th 1,426th 2,803rd
Everyday Pure 565th 438th 346th 482nd
richartforcanada(Ship from HongKong) 566th 400th 196th 425th
Entronik 567th 794th 1,014th 2,200th
snapembacksports 567th 34,606th 24,299th 26,841st
Teelys Canada 568th 680th 924th 1,682nd
KK Marketplace Deals 569th 41,758th 29,310th 8,726th

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