In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
ErLin Han 112,598th 19,363rd 26,700th 31,734th
MiscPart 112,601st 112,623rd 11,947th 15,923rd
NEW YORK PHOTO 112,609th 112,631st 39,645th 44,894th
BlueQueen 112,614th 19,364th 13,730th 10,210th
strollergrip 112,615th 112,636th 30,280th 35,386th
Firefly Imports Direct 112,620th 112,641st 25,656th 27,428th
CND-Seller 112,629th 27,093rd 30,281st 35,387th
MarineNow 112,632nd 112,652nd 18,943rd 23,669th
Buzziv 112,639th 112,659th 39,647th 44,897th
FastScentNation 112,649th 19,365th 18,944th 23,670th
Hair Skin Professional 112,652nd 112,671st 19,117th 23,871st
Optimize-Ebusiness 112,653rd 112,672nd 30,282nd 27,429th
Pans & Cutters 112,654th 112,673rd 16,503rd 6,321st
Woolino Canada 112,663rd 112,682nd 16,504th 8,323rd
USYAO 112,666th 112,685th 39,649th 44,901st
MeiMei Shop 112,676th 112,695th 25,658th 30,660th
Xprite Canada 112,678th 112,697th 5,109th 4,226th
Best Fit For U 112,690th 15,833rd 4,545th 4,718th
Pristine Essentials 112,700th 112,718th 9,732nd 11,400th
icestation ca 112,702nd 112,720th 5,874th 2,954th
Freedom Day Sales 112,708th 112,726th 39,650th 11,626th
KAMBDB 112,716th 112,734th 3,823rd 6,125th
A-lectronics 112,717th 112,735th 26,701st 20,384th
OUMOUM 112,720th 112,738th 39,651st 44,902nd
Pyramyd Air 112,721st 112,739th 25,661st 30,661st
crystal mcglone-trotter 112,723rd 27,097th 25,739th 30,741st
Flytiger Electronics 112,724th 112,741st 25,662nd 30,662nd
Sonochico 112,726th 112,743rd 39,653rd 44,904th
LJT-LAMP 112,733rd 112,750th 25,664th 25,245th
COOBL® 112,741st 27,100th 25,665th 27,433rd
Mini Tec 112,743rd 112,759th 30,283rd 35,391st
Reatop 112,745th 112,761st 17,648th 13,412th
HelloPretty258 112,748th 19,367th 17,614th 21,030th
WeDoHaveitAll 112,751st 112,766th 39,655th 44,907th
Radium Online Ltd. 112,756th 112,771st 39,656th 44,908th
LF RRY 112,760th 112,775th 30,455th 35,579th
-Celestial Arch Dvd- 112,769th 112,784th 25,666th 18,647th
Imprinted Designs 112,778th 112,793rd 18,945th 19,948th
Wanfa 112,786th 112,801st 39,657th 44,910th
Nevada Prime 112,790th 112,805th 39,658th 44,911th
cables4computer 112,791st 112,806th 22,573rd 23,872nd
LeLuv 112,792nd 112,807th 20,873rd 23,873rd
E-va 112,803rd 112,818th 39,659th 44,912th
Vita Health 112,804th 112,819th 22,574th 22,730th
Dream Shops 112,807th 112,822nd 18,946th 23,671st
IC Value Mart 112,810th 112,825th 30,285th 35,394th
U-nique 112,811th 112,826th 30,286th 30,664th
Dolon Jewelry 112,817th 27,103rd 25,668th 30,665th
Mimi819 112,829th 112,843rd 39,661st 30,666th
Athletic Deals 112,833rd 112,847th 30,287th 30,667th
QUKWS Ltd 112,837th 112,851st 39,662nd 31,736th
LindsayWettlaufer 112,840th 112,854th 20,073rd 20,996th 112,844th 112,858th 11,163rd 15,027th
FlySky 112,845th 19,370th 22,576th 27,435th
lucky_am_2015 112,846th 112,859th 8,843rd 11,227th
Do It Wiser 112,851st 112,864th 39,663rd 44,916th
Sotofcase 112,853rd 112,866th 39,665th 44,918th
Lovely Decals World LLC 112,859th 27,106th 20,613th 23,672nd
DISCOUNT PARTY SUPPLIES AND MORE 112,863rd 27,107th 39,666th 35,397th
MenScience Androceuticals 112,868th 27,109th 11,341st 15,206th
Sport Ropes 112,877th 112,887th 10,014th 13,156th
Kregis 112,883rd 27,111th 39,668th 44,920th
CAPMANIAC 112,887th 112,896th 14,322nd 18,648th
addcome 112,888th 112,897th 967th 1,800th
NewItemExpress 112,898th 27,113th 10,330th 14,081st
ABC_Commerce 112,901st 112,909th 10,533rd 14,325th
super dooper 112,910th 112,918th 39,669th 44,922nd
Camille Intimates 112,913th 112,921st 15,520th 19,900th
AWAKE Corp. 112,918th 112,926th 11,342nd 6,003rd
Tekcoup 112,919th 112,927th 14,037th 10,336th
Earthing 112,920th 112,928th 22,577th 3,269th
JinStyles 112,927th 27,114th 18,947th 22,222nd
Basemental 112,928th 112,935th 39,670th 15,207th
Lagrandev 112,930th 112,937th 26,703rd 15,924th
Sign.Store 112,932nd 112,939th 25,672nd 30,671st
CMB Central 112,933rd 112,940th 39,671st 44,923rd
TheseFineThings LLC 112,934th 27,115th 30,291st 35,398th
Jewish-Spirit 112,939th 112,945th 26,704th 30,672nd
Xcivi online store 112,943rd 11,818th 12,757th 16,836th
Filosofia Distributions Inc. 112,944th 112,949th 30,292nd 8,182nd
Watch Webstore 112,946th 19,373rd 11,784th 3,776th
Beauty4You 112,947th 27,116th 17,615th 7,806th
Spiro Goods 112,949th 13,621st 1,990th 2,458th
CzSalus 112,955th 27,117th 30,293rd 30,673rd
Next Day MRO 112,957th 112,958th 10,374th 7,808th
V Trade 112,958th 10,951st 6,097th 4,345th
Veis Trading Inc. 112,961st 112,961st 25,673rd 10,605th
theliquidatorca 112,962nd 112,962nd 20,074th 24,846th
Soccer & More of Orland Park 112,968th 112,968th 39,672nd 44,926th
Dressed Up! 112,969th 112,969th 39,673rd 44,927th

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