In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Golf Products Discount 112,070th 19,345th 25,642nd 30,643rd
Common Cents Wholesale 112,074th 112,133rd 16,501st 11,574th
B4Life 112,082nd 112,141st 30,258th 35,362nd
Popular World 112,083rd 27,059th 39,602nd 44,852nd
Wireless Solutions LLC 112,090th 112,148th 39,603rd 44,853rd
BeMen 112,091st 19,346th 30,259th 35,363rd
Suncheng Fa 112,095th 112,152nd 10,135th 9,947th
LightingCraft-US 112,097th 112,154th 39,605th 44,855th
zebb50 112,103rd 112,160th 20,068th 7,294th
asssafsczds 112,107th 112,164th 17,611th 22,219th
RCECHO from HK 112,109th 112,166th 10,960th 14,791st
Lovely Day & Sunny Day 112,120th 112,177th 6,959th 9,462nd
EntertainmentDen 112,121st 27,062nd 14,633rd 18,974th
QinLan Technology Co. Ltd 112,122nd 112,178th 14,116th 16,909th
Books Deck 112,128th 15,810th 15,511th 19,889th
Remote Control Depot 112,129th 112,184th 22,561st 22,729th
Klik Belts 112,135th 112,190th 39,607th 44,859th
Printenviro Canada 112,136th 112,191st 25,644th 30,644th
Suoer 112,147th 112,202nd 39,609th 44,861st
Da Dong Co.Ltd 112,157th 9,962nd 13,293rd 17,430th
Roki 112,166th 112,220th 6,584th 9,408th
CA-Accessories 112,172nd 112,226th 11,461st 8,045th
Solutiononline 112,178th 19,348th 30,261st 35,367th
integeyes 112,181st 27,066th 39,611th 44,863rd
BESTO SHOP 112,184th 112,236th 39,612th 19,891st
TigerSupplies 112,185th 112,237th 39,613th 35,368th
Quality4Peanuts 112,190th 112,242nd 30,262nd 19,892nd
Melissa*yan 112,191st 16,528th 20,611th 25,409th
Angolz Collectible Toys 112,193rd 112,244th 30,263rd 17,413th
Limitless Product 112,199th 112,250th 3,204th 2,972nd
Aristocrat Homewares® - The Sole Owner & Distributor of Aristocrat Homewares Brand 112,201st 19,349th 22,563rd 16,833rd
Maitose 112,207th 27,067th 22,564th 27,419th
kyuet 112,208th 112,257th 39,614th 23,665th
323 MicroCare Inc 112,213th 112,262nd 39,616th 30,646th
Best Electronics Supply 112,221st 15,812th 12,753rd 8,441st
Brawn and Beauty 112,227th 112,275th 39,618th 44,866th
Weellyshop 112,229th 27,070th 11,049th 8,957th
summerlife 112,236th 112,283rd 25,645th 30,647th
SeLani 112,241st 27,071st 25,646th 24,839th
123Quality 112,242nd 112,288th 22,565th 27,420th
amazinbuy 112,260th 112,306th 25,647th 27,421st
Hongji EC 112,261st 112,307th 39,620th 44,868th
LianXiang 112,268th 27,390th 10,377th 14,137th
Liquidation Specials 112,291st 112,336th 18,938th 23,667th
Bidul & Co 112,302nd 112,347th 30,265th 24,840th
ATCH 112,319th 112,364th 8,016th 11,413th
Fashionsales 112,330th 112,375th 30,266th 35,372nd
Startostar 112,331st 112,376th 26,698th 31,731st
ZajTech 112,334th 112,379th 39,622nd 1,365th
American Beauty Trends 112,336th 16,530th 26,699th 31,732nd
r 4 pet 112,347th 112,391st 13,276th 16,182nd
Zoom Photo Video 112,353rd 19,354th 30,267th 35,373rd
DICOCO 112,359th 12,319th 11,339th 12,295th
wang junta 112,361st 112,403rd 30,269th 35,375th
Petsun 112,368th 15,817th 25,650th 30,650th
Aliver's Discount Deals 112,374th 112,415th 40,164th 45,461st
rane blais 112,385th 27,076th 39,624th 44,874th
Creative T-shirt design 112,386th 27,077th 39,625th 44,875th
PearlydewdropsUK 112,393rd 15,818th 15,514th 19,894th
joumey 112,401st 112,439th 12,859th 13,826th
Canada Health 112,411th 112,449th 30,271st 30,651st
h93 112,412th 112,450th 39,627th 44,877th
WandaDicks 112,417th 112,455th 39,628th 44,878th
Great Price Media CA 112,418th 27,079th 12,754th 7,692nd
Plumbersstock-Canada 112,419th 112,456th 30,272nd 6,024th
Pretty Cool 112,420th 112,457th 30,273rd 18,643rd
restadin 112,428th 19,357th 30,274th 35,377th
TRC Mens Wear 112,429th 112,465th 22,569th 25,243rd
True Choice Stores 112,435th 112,471st 6,875th 6,493rd
Pawnee Products 112,438th 112,474th 39,629th 35,378th
SFC Tools 112,440th 112,476th 18,038th 16,301st
Moon Water Technology 112,441st 112,477th 39,630th 44,880th
WowPart8 112,443rd 112,479th 39,631st 44,881st
Auto Light Industry 112,447th 15,822nd 12,180th 16,183rd
Living House 112,452nd 13,614th 12,965th 17,060th
SXMA Group 112,454th 112,488th 30,275th 35,379th
MRF - JAPAN 112,468th 112,502nd 8,334th 11,615th
ZOLStyle 112,470th 112,504th 39,632nd 44,882nd
Symedic LLC 112,472nd 27,080th 39,633rd 44,883rd
GoWorx 112,487th 27,081st 39,634th 44,884th
JAPAN IMPORTS INC 112,489th 112,521st 39,635th 44,885th
ArtCamel_Books 112,494th 112,526th 30,277th 35,382nd
NHL Jerseys Canada 112,508th 27,083rd 15,516th 6,871st
Hopedale 112,510th 6,775th 12,540th 16,594th
Soregard Inc. CA 112,511th 112,541st 39,636th 31,733rd
MyTinyTot 112,520th 27,084th 20,069th 24,841st
Tommy Small gift shop 112,526th 112,555th 19,116th 18,297th
emoova 112,527th 112,556th 25,652nd 30,654th
BuyIng 112,533rd 112,562nd 40,165th 45,462nd
American Electrical Supply 112,536th 27,085th 39,637th 44,886th
LIYOU 112,550th 112,578th 39,638th 44,887th
Bonviva CA 112,561st 112,589th 39,640th 44,889th
BK Products 112,568th 112,596th 39,641st 44,890th
wilai-GmbH 112,573rd 15,828th 18,942nd 20,995th
PurWater 112,577th 112,604th 2,388th 2,878th
Auto Exhaust World 112,578th 112,605th 18,039th 18,646th
CanadianUniversityBooks 112,586th 19,362nd 16,971st 14,623rd
GD-BangBangBang 112,592nd 7,592nd 5,703rd 8,543rd
wayajunsdian 112,596th 27,091st 39,644th 44,893rd
Wirecare 112,597th 27,092nd 25,655th 30,658th

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