In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Shenzhen Develop Holding Group Co. Ltd 378th 386th 650th 1,084th
Pop Culture Bargains 379th 465th 598th 104th
NIM Textile Canada 380th 354th 363rd 710th
Beauty by Earth Products 381st 407th 418th 973rd
AVGear 382nd 502nd 413th 160th
AsuxTeK 383rd 417th 417th 173rd
ULT-unite 384th 592nd 1,048th 2,166th
Onogo Canada 385th 319th 174th 200th
BEST.CHOICES 386th 275th 376th 996th
Terrific-Young 387th 359th 824th 1,768th
Neon Mart Canada 388th 339th 310th 397th
EXPRESS North America 389th 375th 774th 500th
Pandawell 390th 385th 446th 942nd
NEWSTYLE CA 391st 820th 1,121st 1,147th
Wulf Electronics 392nd 459th 349th 278th
EachineDirect 393rd 474th 308th 716th
calibris 394th 308th 388th 34th
Consumer Cables (CA) 395th 300th 261st 483rd
DREIMART CA 396th 371st 1,139th 2,378th
EveryDaySource 397th 237th 200th 197th
Tyso GPS 398th 447th 500th 674th
Good Luck Sock 399th 530th 1,363rd 2,710th
CA Natural Products 400th 301st 156th 155th
GranVela Top Selects 401st 331st 230th 568th
BaliChun 402nd 303rd 850th 1,866th
topscreen2012 403rd 390th 396th 1,005th
Hyperikon 404th 330th 488th 1,235th
EcandyDirect 405th 317th 549th 1,363rd
E-Storebestchoice 406th 501st 431st 780th
JnP Store Canada 407th 227th 121st 161st
Prestivo3 408th 326th 332nd 377th
LANKE INTERNET 409th 607th 1,922nd 3,499th
LoveHome Shop 410th 486th 797th 1,745th
EasyWayProducts 411th 541st 1,317th 2,532nd
Brique & Braque 412th 506th 609th 968th
Jstyle Jewelry 413th 454th 1,368th 2,716th
HealthyLifeCycle-ca 414th 389th 422nd 587th
TUCCH-CA 415th 419th 518th 1,173rd
CAR ROVER 416th 441st 690th 1,494th
HalloweenCostumes 417th 118th 323rd 886th
Games & More!!! 418th 527th 544th 469th
Total Tech Outlet 419th 332nd 294th 553rd
Sock Snob Ltd- DELIVERY 7-10 working Days 420th 594th 1,395th 2,590th
MAKEIT CA 421st 456th 693rd 1,417th
The North Witch (GB) 422nd 490th 720th 708th
BodyJ4You 423rd 415th 442nd 836th
XONOR 424th 514th 1,265th 2,506th
Zulu Inks (GST REGISTERED. A CANADA COMPANY) 425th 382nd 301st 286th
REFLEXCDCA 426th 434th 362nd 162nd
GS4U 427th 48,204th 35,171st 25,330th
Housewares Solutions 427th 748th 2,265th 4,011th
naluris 428th 32,397th 24,084th 26,641st
Opar Automotive Accessories 428th 397th 639th 1,455th
eToolsCityCA 429th 336th 271st 436th
FortressGeek 430th 513th 722nd 1,176th
Merchandise24/7 431st 479th 612th 642nd
E-Cron Canada 432nd 545th 531st 1,179th
Simplive-CA 433rd 406th 480th 997th
GWHOLE 434th 669th 1,920th 3,517th
UKPD 435th 519th 933rd 1,263rd
BestDealsOnlineCA 436th 745th 2,207th 3,884th
DealsAreUs 437th 517th 524th 105th
1byone Products Inc. 438th 574th 982nd 2,143rd
Gotham City Online 439th 703rd 1,758th 3,308th
PajamaMania 440th 642nd 1,533rd 2,668th
Digital Goja Canada 441st 392nd 255th 157th
TechRise Direct CA 442nd 508th 1,695th 3,209th
Directkart 443rd 348th 266th 529th
Cmdstore 444th 681st 751st 463rd
Theoneer 445th 540th 900th 1,992nd
Neewer Direct Global 446th 539th 701st 319th
InnooDirect 447th 267th 403rd 1,038th
MingerDirect 448th 351st 750th 1,701st
PanContinent 449th 467th 398th 695th
Infiland LLC 450th 555th 558th 1,358th
Low.Baller 451st 270th 202nd 329th
ECOSUSI INC 452nd 591st 812th 1,439th
I-Max 453rd 457th 538th 847th
Elisona-Ca-shop 454th 423rd 404th 534th
premiumbatteries 455th 507th 603rd 827th
Prime Exclusive Deals 456th 710th 1,267th 2,492nd
Mountaintop Outdoor Equipment Co.LTD 457th 510th 904th 1,978th
SHIELDON® 458th 426th 438th 806th
KES Faucet & Shower 459th 358th 361st 792nd
Premium Apparel 460th 801st 1,482nd 2,216th
x-pert-s/ca 461st 608th 472nd 401st
Bonice-US 462nd 445th 1,099th 2,320th
Vinsic Direct Store 463rd 579th 551st 981st
GBlife CA 464th 515th 1,055th 2,271st
Canadian Studio 465th 492nd 474th 388th
Edifier Online Store 466th 578th 1,216th 2,472nd
Amazin Deals Canada 467th 562nd 430th 630th
Baleaf Sport 468th 403rd 347th 662nd
VALUEMAX CA 469th 398th 373rd 326th
JEMLine 469th 49,316th 30,479th 28,282nd
WineAndTableware 470th 667th 765th 335th
Brit_Books_Xpress 471st 369th 274th 213th
Smiley Daisy 472nd 891st 1,580th 2,892nd
Maplectronics 473rd 557th 1,064th 1,541st
HomeTex 474th 542nd 644th 1,032nd

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