In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Mudder Online CA 286th 189th 167th 480th
FirstVision Technologies CA 287th 250th 197th 449th
nodartisan-ca 288th 446th 834th 876th
Books Squared US 289th 216th 218th 102nd
ScreamingCD 290th 341st 383rd 117th
Blue Cloud Books US 291st 239th 192nd 101st
Pet Supply Company USA 292nd 276th 275th 610th
Offroad 4×4 293rd 287th 776th 1,670th
FUNcom 294th 290th 590th 1,428th
battery-kingdom 295th 170th 411th 1,060th
zjchao123 296th 283rd 314th 694th
RACHELGEORGE 296th 43,674th 34,467th 31,800th
32ndShop USA 297th 265th 201st 501st
Gambolex CA 298th 429th 317th 487th
JJcall 299th 424th 1,300th 2,621st
doinshop 300th 252nd 583rd 1,307th
EasyAcc.C Store 301st 315th 334th 842nd
bigmouthstore 302nd 440th 471st 1,059th
USA_Seller_4_Canada 303rd 288th 224th 459th
NavorStore Canada 304th 318th 239th 250th
York Sales 305th 430th 730th 1,445th
Newseed 306th 291st 251st 531st
LicensedtoSell 306th 44,406th 34,582nd 10,942nd
kumanCa 307th 316th 681st 1,582nd
DOLLARIUM 308th 328th 444th 557th
fourstarr deals 309th 304th 799th 1,795th
Express Hardware 1 310th 259th 306th 303rd
Pasonomi® CA Store 311th 495th 1,214th 2,499th
nunubee 312th 442nd 847th 1,706th
Deals For Less CA 313th 500th 1,168th 2,416th
Ambaji Fashion 313th 42,903rd 29,495th 31,692nd
Maple leaf 314th 266th 210th 260th
Ultimate Vitality Canada 315th 261st 260th 578th
NEW of Canada an Asurion Company 316th 568th 578th 823rd
EKind 317th 378th 565th 1,209th
Radco Assembly Services Inc. 318th 373rd 348th 498th
La Boutique Française 319th 366th 325th 270th
Gosund 320th 342nd 662nd 1,550th
Sharon's Gadgets 321st 249th 248th 707th
Fair Fly--Ships From Hong Kong 322nd 384th 105th 111th
Francos Market 323rd 171st 663rd 1,452nd
CN ENTERPRISE 324th 396th 1,232nd 2,537th
huhushop 325th 337th 783rd 1,714th
Cow Boy 326th 503rd 1,438th 2,809th
MagneticTherapyMagnets 326th 45,389th 34,740th 35,709th
InateckOfficial 327th 280th 159th 243rd
EchoAcc Direct 328th 335th 585th 1,423rd
Orblue 329th 345th 242nd 685th
Merit Official. Ca 330th 352nd 507th 1,143rd
thebookcommunity_ca 331st 271st 280th 53rd
Cable Matters 332nd 225th 226th 273rd
plumcircle_books_usa 333rd 245th 206th 147th
SukiX 334th 473rd 1,539th 2,994th
TheOnlineDrugstore - USA 335th 244th 172nd 513th
Shenzhen Wave Multimedia Co. Ltd 336th 309th 312th 633rd
SUPERVALUE 337th 401st 550th 1,196th
Smart Alex LLC 338th 46,486th 34,909th 35,823rd
Keep It Real 338th 344th 487th 325th
FLYZOE 339th 717th 2,194th 3,906th
TOOPOOT. 340th 281st 143rd 410th
superdaves superstore 341st 414th 482nd 572nd
Renaud-Bray 342nd 278th 297th 120th
UPS Battery Center 343rd 262nd 208th 423rd
avatarmusic 344th 361st 401st 116th
Area Trend 345th 498th 671st 92nd
Duty Free Shop 346th 482nd 351st 235th
allntrends 347th 603rd 1,361st 2,707th
Just 4 Games 348th 428th 426th 210th
BlitzWolf 349th 346th 556th 1,373rd
Card Advantage 350th 512th 1,631st 3,132nd
Green001 351st 257th 359th 959th
M Direct CA 352nd 254th 761st 1,731st
Anjou Naturals 353rd 463rd 1,454th 2,822nd
Fast Quality Products 354th 449th 755th 1,030th
Aidodo Direct 355th 469th 1,503rd 2,905th
DURNERGY 356th 363rd 677th 1,523rd
Hot Deals 357th 588th 454th 179th
Toy Zany 358th 494th 493rd 202nd
YELLOWKNIFE CABLE 359th 329th 225th 60th
Vanskytek 360th 320th 268th 720th
IBD Electronics 361st 381st 423rd 1,042nd
TheHobbySeller 362nd 38,695th 21,990th 13,858th
21st century Tech 362nd 367th 246th 358th
Lantier 363rd 481st 543rd 1,335th
Nearfine 364th 268th 240th 71st
Ink & Toner For You 365th 355th 433rd 743rd
Obliq 366th 387th 498th 1,239th
V-I-V-O 367th 312th 420th 563rd
KINGMAN.INC 367th 48,606th 35,247th 23,307th
PowerLead 368th 521st 1,728th 3,259th
Golda's Kitchen 369th 405th 379th 113th
CanAm4Life 370th 404th 313th 330th
Atlanta Book Company US 371st 289th 207th 82nd
Bifrost-CA 372nd 383rd 710th 1,444th
LLBrothers 373rd 293rd 734th 1,560th
Sporticus 374th 431st 870th 641st
BeltOutletCA 375th 491st 709th 1,095th
TURBO MARKETING 376th 370th 517th 1,268th
Micolife 377th 294th 409th 917th
Beauty Providers 378th 31,545th 23,995th 15,111th

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