In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
Limolin 191st 364th 528th 663rd
aGreatLife 192nd 247th 521st 1,230th
glenthebookseller-CA 193rd 333rd 319th 100th
Eforcity 194th 185th 181st 28th
E-TRONIX 195th 242nd 191st 95th
Cocomii 196th 186th 144th 332nd
ALED LIGHT CANADA 197th 190th 270th 490th
ToyKingsOnline 198th 296th 818th 1,812th
Mr. MJ's Trading Company 199th 395th 946th 1,806th
Toynk 200th 256th 432nd 266th
Boardgames4UsCA 201st 258th 330th 237th
Oilpainting2012 201st 37,105th 33,454th 34,830th
Past N Present Video Games 202nd 279th 391st 229th
Kosse Direct 203rd 310th 759th 1,728th
JM PRIME 204th 334th 291st 226th
beat_goes_on 205th 94th 98th 41st
COOZO US 206th 210th 390th 1,006th
Holan Direct 207th 205th 756th 1,721st
ELECTRONIQUE HI-FI 208th 292nd 265th 434th
--SuperBookDeals- 209th 177th 440th 89th
Dland-USA 210th 202nd 189th 389th
Nova Tech US 211th 208th 548th 1,364th
TKOOFN-CA 212th 236th 119th 129th
HUION 213th 253rd 258th 494th
XHORIZON 214th 215th 137th 353rd
Avantreedirect 215th 219th 228th 516th
US-ZINC. 216th 179th 290th 528th
Deal Beat 217th 214th 162nd 114th
Phone.Natic 218th 163rd 146th 461st
JMT Group 219th 156th 139th 211th
Shoptictoc 220th 148th 350th 927th
Glendora Unique Mall 221st 234th 467th 1,186th
Meaneor 222nd 274th 746th 1,695th
IceJerseys CA 223rd 231st 410th 407th
Kumuworld-CA 224th 260th 282nd 648th
Holy Stone 225th 243rd 296th 451st
Poweradd Direct 226th 255th 399th 833rd
Cell Phone DIY 227th 151st 122nd 346th
Lafraise CA 228th 264th 295th 520th
SoundPEATS AUDIO 229th 200th 276th 571st
Crazy Dog T-shirts Inc 230th 372nd 648th 522nd
T-Power CA 231st 188th 170th 248th
Retail Ninja- Canada 232nd 158th 182nd 387th
mear 233rd 343rd 831st 1,839th
andoer 234th 197th 286th 690th
J&D Tech Canada 235th 238th 372nd 878th
LEMONBEST CA 236th 191st 173rd 497th
APLS (Ships from USA) 237th 240th 152nd 184th
EBL official 238th 285th 706th 1,641st
AMT Warranty 239th 347th 861st 1,891st
Copihue 240th 40,206th 29,061st 31,275th
Yankee Clipper Books US 240th 78th 62nd 58th
Vision Store USA 241st 220th 163rd 143rd
MOWOM JEWELRY 242nd 248th 450th 1,132nd
coromose 243rd 209th 148th 427th
C-Mall Canada 244th 221st 131st 323rd
Elzo Direct 245th 284th 279th 788th
bwbuk_ltd 246th 173rd 110th 142nd
Bonlux® 247th 198th 305th 816th
BESTEK-CA 248th 184th 112th 295th
Eyekepper-CA 249th 213th 244th 485th
HQRP-CA 250th 222nd 169th 192nd
MagicMobile CA 251st 218th 133rd 418th
inandout_canada 252nd 241st 214th 137th
Senyoo 253rd 349th 691st 1,611th
U7 Jewelry 254th 269th 477th 1,206th
Mikes Computer Shop 255th 176th 199th 612th
BundleMonster 256th 321st 307th 275th
SEGMOI 257th 299th 468th 1,184th
DC TRADE 258th 360th 217th 282nd
USAsuperstore 259th 487th 1,132nd 2,219th
Edens Garden Essential Oil 260th 223rd 263rd 336th
Sakkas-CA 261st 338th 326th 731st
xHockeyProducts Canada 261st 41,441st 34,125th 35,291st
Blackstone Products Inc. 262nd 314th 702nd 1,631st
CoverON CA 263rd 298th 219th 486th
BQLZR(15-26days arrive Intimate Customer Service) 264th 229th 155th 249th
ORICO Direct Store 265th 263rd 238th 393rd
Cosmo Music - The Musical Instrument Superstore 266th 297th 343rd 598th
KONOV 267th 251st 458th 1,160th
SHOP ZONE 268th 307th 395th 126th
TechDepot Canada 269th 306th 281st 193rd
WiseCase 270th 302nd 613th 1,421st
Hitgaming Video Games 271st 272nd 381st 196th
NY Lingerie CA 272nd 324th 236th 593rd
Beauty_Cloud 273rd 368th 309th 606th
Dreamspace 274th 425th 1,336th 2,683rd
Wildwalk 274th 42,330th 34,265th 35,384th
Gongs Unlimited 275th 42,454th 34,282nd 35,395th
JU Technology 275th 286th 905th 1,998th
Housweety Direct 276th 295th 506th 1,152nd
GAME SHACK 277th 313th 667th 860th
CA_BOOKDEPOT 278th 196th 187th 146th
MOVIES&GAMES 279th 207th 289th 347th
TDS CABLES (SHIPS FROM CANADA) 280th 391st 374th 751st
SENHAI 281st 356th 772nd 1,758th
Bingo E-commerce Co.Ltd 282nd 325th 864th 1,841st
33Corner in ca 283rd 323rd 922nd 2,048th
Xcellent Global 284th 273rd 324th 631st
Nvie Designs Canada 285th 394th 760th 1,645th

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