In Canada the sellers and buyers use both Amazon USA and marketplaces. The canadian one launched the third-party marketplace in 2003 and offers Amazon Prime since 2013. Due to the quickly increasing product supply and variety, stays in the first position among biggest Canada’s e-commerce websites.

Here Amazon Canada sellers are ranked by position last year. You can see the position date ranges of the last month, last three months, last year and the whole lifetime. The seller position and rating information is provided for comparison reasons only. It doesn’t represent the sales volume.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
marvelio-ca 97th 76th 81st 29th
Hoosier Hill Farm Canada 98th 125th 204th 488th
Deals Republic 99th 101st 78th 225th
susenstone 100th 103rd 116th 421st
DAILY SUPPLY 101st 100th 90th 128th
Eshopic 102nd 109th 127th 32nd
All Natural Advice 103rd 117th 100th 178th
PWR+ 105th 96th 76th 81st
BuySend US 106th 199th 463rd 1,155th
ShoeMetro CA 107th 107th 111th 301st
Peyou CA Ltd 108th 139th 213th 608th
Ink First 109th 85th 84th 145th
Majdell Group 110th 168th 249th 468th
Aosom Canada 111th 142nd 125th 144th
BattPit 112th 82nd 74th 80th
Inskin Canada 113th 119th 95th 174th
MENKO TELECO 114th 123rd 138th 333rd
iphotoxx 115th 127th 171st 466th
GetFeetWet Navigation Inc 116th 26,797th 23,504th 23,830th
niceEshop 116th 60th 42nd 45th
more_for_u 117th 58th 69th 3rd
The Snugg CA 118th 149th 73rd 84th
Crucial Vacuum Inc. 119th 99th 85th 156th
Westpac Technology 120th 121st 87th 255th
3-BALA 121st 162nd 233rd 618th
Metal Masters Co - CA 122nd 153rd 198th 417th
CWK-TECH (Ship from CANADA) 123rd 110th 130th 172nd
Big Mikes Electronics CA 124th 129th 99th 171st
LoHiDirect 125th 111th 303rd 794th
Sierra Nevada Books US 126th 95th 93rd 121st
dodax-online 127th 183rd 165th 88th
HerLife 128th 32,323rd 32,734th 34,318th
moviemars-canada 128th 54th 31st 9th
Afunta-mall 129th 169th 190th 443rd
Hippidion.Ca.Store 130th 133rd 179th 574th
Amre Supply 131st 105th 123rd 254th
Poster Revolution CA 132nd 180th 253rd 473rd
TeeHeeSocks 133rd 217th 697th 1,623rd
FAIR TOP--Ships From Hongkong 134th 44th 44th 140th
CrestView 135th 104th 79th 186th
VersionTech 136th 150th 134th 368th
Rose Merchandise 137th 192nd 178th 228th
Daffodil CA 138th 136th 113th 152nd
M plus L 139th 155th 194th 345th
Second City Books US 140th 130th 386th 1,020th
FYY Canada Tech 141st 175th 185th 405th
theMobileArea 142nd 152nd 205th 289th
ZooomElectronics 143rd 140th 154th 206th
PowerBear Co. 144th 157th 257th 744th
Smart Shop Online 145th 165th 135th 119th
The Fragrance Company 146th 311th 573rd 1,094th
E-commerce Works 147th 33,537th 32,915th 34,452nd
Vinpie flagship 147th 195th 768th 1,752nd
Orzly CANADA 148th 224th 250th 357th
Mounting Dream 149th 233rd 646th 1,530th
Avidlove 150th 159th 387th 1,023rd
perfumedeals 151st 204th 581st 1,222nd
Your Best Wishes 151st 38,037th 28,721st 22,808th
Ringke Official 152nd 120th 88th 96th
Powermall 153rd 122nd 186th 617th
Songmics Direct 154th 160th 283rd 793rd
Mcmg enterprise 154th 34,407th 33,045th 34,547th
VANCOUVER SUN 155th 137th 141st 355th
Valo Market 156th 75th 61st 141st
River Colony Trading 157th 212th 252nd 675th
Comfy Moda Boots Canada 158th 181st 539th 880th
curtisdvdsales 159th 166th 672nd 1,564th
eCarmel 160th 115th 89th 130th
47th Street Photo (Canada) 161st 174th 160th 290th
Pharmapacks 162nd 146th 177th 535th
Positive Health 163rd 232nd 227th 269th
Thrift Books US 164th 114th 101st 27th
Jackery Canada 165th 147th 209th 315th
igadgitz_can 166th 164th 104th 164th
KWCommerce 167th 143rd 128th 216th
LuckyVitamin CA 168th 135th 117th 448th
EntertainmentForLess 169th 211th 212th 97th
POYA 170th 178th 223rd 654th
CTCWORLDSUPPLY 171st 144th 108th 239th
J-DeaL 172nd 131st 147th 499th
Vanderbilt CA 173rd 124th 82nd 7th
Parasom Direct 174th 161st 102nd 374th
nagiry 175th 97th 54th 21st
Brainydeal-FBA 176th 187th 164th 138th
OneDealOutlet Canada 177th 154th 158th 158th
COOKIESKIDSUSA 178th 194th 342nd 723rd
Stuff 4 Crafts 179th 172nd 149th 110th
Innovative World 180th 193rd 352nd 938th
AMzon 181st 28,614th 32,148th 26,281st
Gifted Living 181st 226th 336th 371st
ACEVIVI 182nd 167th 234th 689th
Retevis 183rd 206th 340th 786th
CHOE TECH 184th 182nd 328th 541st
Glitzy Gift Shop 184th 36,221st 33,324th 34,737th
MyWorldwideMarket 185th 235th 241st 360th
Canada Dawgs 186th 228th 288th 714th
Pixnor Store 187th 203rd 272nd 673rd
JADD ENT 188th 277th 298th 135th
Bluedio Ca 189th 201st 153rd 209th
Silver Arch Books US 190th 126th 109th 77th

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