Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a program allowing sellers to offload most of their warehouse operations to Amazon. Although extra fee is charged for that, many retailers still use Amazon warehouse and order-fulfillment service. FBA also can be used by third-party sellers to sell on other platforms, such as eBay or the websites of their own. If a seller has more than half of their products fulfilled by Amazon, he is considered as FBA seller.

Seller One Month Position Three Months Position One Year Position Lifetime Position
BSCstore CA 3rd 3rd 7th 25th
VicTsingDirect 4th 5th 9th 51st
Patec 7th 7th 10th 36th
JEDirect CA 8th 8th 6th 33rd
AnkerDirect-CA 9th 10th 8th 22nd
Spigen CANADA 10th 6th 4th 17th
Sunvalleytek Canada 13th 17th 25th 70th
Fintie CA 16th 19th 22nd 79th
Tech Armor CA 21st 26th 24th 48th
Canadian Shoppe 25th 32nd 32nd 30th
Shopville Canada 26th 35th 49th 31st
UGREEN GROUP LIMITED 27th 27th 70th 280th
Caseology® 29th 30th 59th 236th
Etekcity Corp 31st 34th 29th 98th
etailz CA 40th 47th 51st 66th
i-Tronics 43rd 66th 106th 342nd
GooBang Doo CA 44th 56th 41st 127th
Northern Shipments 46th 77th 355th 805th
HaborDirect 55th 45th 77th 306th
TabletExpress 56th 65th 262nd 767th
Leelbox 59th 73rd 114th 404th
emaxland 60th 67th 47th 14th
Expressbuying 61st 59th 83rd 244th
Charmed Craft 62nd 112th 229th 491st
PictekDirect 64th 55th 124th 464th
ESR Case CA Store 66th 92nd 103rd 246th
Fulfillment Express CA 68th 74th 52nd 57th
Mosiso Canada 70th 86th 92nd 181st
Art Naturals Canada 71st 79th 64th 259th
OhuhuDirect CA 72nd 81st 72nd 214th
BlueRigger Canada 73rd 90th 67th 68th
Scarleton 75th 91st 115th 381st
Globmall CA 76th 132nd 220th 603rd
Hisgadget Canada 77th 83rd 65th 85th
EnjoyGadgets 78th 71st 53rd 87th
Linking Store 85th 102nd 136th 384th
Zaytoun 86th 108th 416th 1,064th
Bling Jewelry LLC 87th 128th 94th 148th
Discover With Dr. Cool 88th 141st 591st 1,433rd
AresparkDirect 90th 84th 161st 509th
Emson Canada 91st 145th 120th 298th
ECO-FUSED Canada 94th 116th 107th 167th
Hoosier Hill Farm Canada 98th 125th 204th 488th
Deals Republic 99th 101st 78th 225th
Eshopic 102nd 109th 127th 32nd
All Natural Advice 103rd 117th 100th 178th
Ink First 109th 85th 84th 145th
Majdell Group 110th 168th 249th 468th
Inskin Canada 113th 119th 95th 174th
MENKO TELECO 114th 123rd 138th 333rd
iphotoxx 115th 127th 171st 466th
The Snugg CA 118th 149th 73rd 84th
LoHiDirect 125th 111th 303rd 794th
Afunta-mall 129th 169th 190th 443rd
Hippidion.Ca.Store 130th 133rd 179th 574th
TeeHeeSocks 133rd 217th 697th 1,623rd
CrestView 135th 104th 79th 186th
VersionTech 136th 150th 134th 368th
Daffodil CA 138th 136th 113th 152nd
PowerBear Co. 144th 157th 257th 744th
Vinpie flagship 147th 195th 768th 1,752nd
Orzly CANADA 148th 224th 250th 357th
Mounting Dream 149th 233rd 646th 1,530th
Avidlove 150th 159th 387th 1,023rd
Ringke Official 152nd 120th 88th 96th
Powermall 153rd 122nd 186th 617th
Songmics Direct 154th 160th 283rd 793rd
River Colony Trading 157th 212th 252nd 675th
Comfy Moda Boots Canada 158th 181st 539th 880th
Jackery Canada 165th 147th 209th 315th
Parasom Direct 174th 161st 102nd 374th
Brainydeal-FBA 176th 187th 164th 138th
Innovative World 180th 193rd 352nd 938th
Gifted Living 181st 226th 336th 371st
ACEVIVI 182nd 167th 234th 689th
Retevis 183rd 206th 340th 786th
CHOE TECH 184th 182nd 328th 541st
Pixnor Store 187th 203rd 272nd 673rd
Bluedio Ca 189th 201st 153rd 209th
aGreatLife 192nd 247th 521st 1,230th
Cocomii 196th 186th 144th 332nd
Boardgames4UsCA 201st 258th 330th 237th
Kosse Direct 203rd 310th 759th 1,728th
Holan Direct 207th 205th 756th 1,721st
Dland-USA 210th 202nd 189th 389th
Nova Tech US 211th 208th 548th 1,364th
HUION 213th 253rd 258th 494th
Avantreedirect 215th 219th 228th 516th
Kumuworld-CA 224th 260th 282nd 648th
Holy Stone 225th 243rd 296th 451st
Poweradd Direct 226th 255th 399th 833rd
Cell Phone DIY 227th 151st 122nd 346th
Lafraise CA 228th 264th 295th 520th
SoundPEATS AUDIO 229th 200th 276th 571st
mear 233rd 343rd 831st 1,839th
J&D Tech Canada 235th 238th 372nd 878th
APLS (Ships from USA) 237th 240th 152nd 184th
EBL official 238th 285th 706th 1,641st
C-Mall Canada 244th 221st 131st 323rd
Elzo Direct 245th 284th 279th 788th

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