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Oct 22, 2017

No more e-commerce vs. brick-and-mortar: retailers band together

After e-commerce sellers and brick-and-mortar retailers realised that a war between them will be costly, both players decided to join forces and act together. Some time ago e-commerce companies thought that they can overcome traditional retailers but later appeared that there will be no clear win... Read more >>

Oct 14, 2017

Growing online competition forced IKEA turn to e-commerce

Growing online competition forced IKEA turn to e-commerce Another big retailer changed its strategy and turned online. Ikea has created a pilot programme to reach more customers on the internet. The biggest retailer from Sweden has radically changed its sales strategy in the face of online com... Read more >>

Oct 10, 2017

The true cost of Amazon to retailers and workers

Amazon is coming to Australia this month but seems like smaller retailers are not aware of the threat. According to The Guardian, Amazon giant generates nearly as much revenue as Australia’s supermarket duopoly of Wesfarmers-owned Coles and Woolworths combined, and Morgan Stanley estimates the co... Read more >>

Oct 10, 2017

How brick and mortar retail is evolving to compete with e-commerce

Retail world has been changing very quickly in recent years. While it is obvious that brick and mortar will not disappear anywhere, but the competition became very big between brands in a saturated omnichannel retail market. Even though e-commerce stores can provide features like high-resolution... Read more >>

Sep 16, 2017

JD.com in talks with Thai Central for $500 million deal

Major e-commerce retailers start the race in Asia. JD.com Inc in China is in talks with Thailand’s Central Group to launch an e-commerce joint venture in Thailand with a planned total investment of $500 million. Meanwhile Alibaba and Amazon are trying to increase competition while suggesting new ser... Read more >>

Sep 08, 2017

Walmart is investing in NVIDIA chips to circumvent the Amazon’s cloud

Walmart is investing in NVIDIA chips, which are high-level graphical processing units (GPUs). They will use Nvidia Corp.'s chips in its cloud-based data centres as the retail behemoth pivots away from competitor Amazon.com’s computing services, Retail Dive reports. The company is reportedly looki... Read more >>

Sep 08, 2017

These retail chains can survive the Amazon hurricane

According to investors in the retail sector, the Amazon hurricane will not destroy all of its rivals. Among potential competitors of the e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos, there are some promising companies that can withstand Amazon. The list of strongest online retailers contains such brand... Read more >>

Aug 29, 2017

Amazon and Alibaba: What is going to happen next?

Amazon and Alibaba: What is going to happen next? Retail world has changed unrecognizable in recent years. It is not a surprise that the biggest influence was done by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Asian behemoth Alibaba. But how is it going and what are current trends? To understand the... Read more >>